Dräger MSI Variox-2 Flue Gas Analyser

Dräger MSI Variox-2

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Dräger MSI Variox-2

The Dräger VARIOx-2 is used to test and adjust heating systems and auxiliary heating. Combustion optimisation to save energy and short-term emission measurement are just as easy as the assessment of limits.

Built-in pump

From the flue gas channel, a pump integrated into the device suctions flue gas and Leads it to an O2 sensor in the device. The gas leaves the sensor and passes through a small Opening in the floor of the VARIOx-2 housing.

Long sensor life

The long sensor life makes the VARIOx-2 particularly cost-effective.

Available models

The Dräger VARIOx-2 is available in the model VARIOx-2 CO2.

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