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Draeger Oxygen Test 100

The Dräger OxygenTest 100 is an oxygen-only detector which determines the oxygen content of breathing air and oxygen mixtures. This mobile testing system is indispensable, especially in professional diving applications.

Tested breathing air

For the operation of filling systems used for mixed gas cylinder, mixed gas booster as well as gas mixture and filling systems, it is mandatory to check and control the oxygen concentration of mixed gas storage cylinders before the filling and the concentration of the mixed gas device cylinders after filling.

Measuring details

To achieve the controlling purposes of the standard oxygen gas mixtures;

  • 60 vol. % O2 / 40 vol. % N2
  • 50 vol. % O2 / 50 vol. % N2
  • 40 vol. % O2 / 60 vol. % N2
  • 32.5 vol. % O2 / 67.5 vol. % N2,

which are required depending on the diving depth, the Dräger OxygenTest 100 provides fast and reliable measurement results with ease of operation. One component of the measuring device is the tried and tested gas measuring device Dräger PAC III, which displays the determined oxygen value immediately after the measurement.

Fast and easy to use

Using the plug connection, the measuring device can be connected to the filling system or device cylinder to be monitored. Different filling connections are available.

Always ready for use

All components of the Dräger OxygenTest 100 are arranged in a compact, convenient case and ready for use.

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