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​The professional device Dräger P7-TDX performs leak rate measurements at top speeds – without removing the gas meter, without determining the volume and without pressure boosting. Gas and liquefied petroleum gas lines can be measured up to 0.3 MPa (3 bar), and this all-rounder even measures water and waste water lines and tests regulators.

Various applications

  • ​Leak test according to TRGI 2018
  • Leak testing with air on gas, liquefied petroleum gas and drinking water systems according to DVGW TRGI 2018, B10TRF 2012, bulletin ZVSHK
  • Leak testing for waste water lines per DIN 1610 und DIN 1986-30
  • Leak testing with arbitrary pressure ranges, setting time and test time
  • Loading test with air per DVGW TRGI 2018, TRF 2012, bulletin ZVSHK
  • Drinking water system testing with water per DIN EN 806 with external high pressure sensor
  • Regulator testing
  • Pressure- and leak testing up to 0,3 MPa. Accuracy class 1 external high pressure sensors available for pressure and leak testing up to 2.5 MPa.

Suitability for use per DVGW TRGI 2018

​The Dräger P7-TDX operates the leak rate measurements in best time - without removing the gas meter, without determining the volume and without pressure boosting. You only need to connect the single pipe connection with the gas valve for starting the measurement. A shiftable automatic start offers an important help for leaks at smaller plants with fast decrease of pressure.

Testing gas, liquefied petroleum gas and water lines

​Versatile, quick and professional: In addition to testing gas and liquefied petroleum gas lines, the Dräger P7-TDX will also test water, waste water lines, regulators and pressure measurements up to 3 bar with air. Tests with water can be performed with an external sensor up 2.5 MPa.

Leak rate measurement at plants with large volume

​The Dräger P7-TDX can also perform leak rate measurements at plants > 300 l.

Pressure monitor for monitoring of unusual pressure gradients

​In the case of unusual pressure fluctuations of a plant the Dräger P7-TDX can measure and monitor it over a longer period. For this all pressure fluctuations which exceed freely adjustable limits, will be recorded for an evaluation.

Longterm measurements up to 48 hours

​The Dräger P7-TDX is equipped with a precision pressure measurement process including temperature- and absolute pressure measurement, which provides testing times from 1 minute to 48 hours.


​The Dräger P7-TDX is equipped with Bluetooth LE as standard.

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