Ponta® C / ES Plus

The bridge to more efficient care. A supply system that meets the workplace requirements more effectively (in ICUs, NICUs and recovery rooms), improves your patient access and makes your workplace more flexible.

The Dräger Ponta beam system

The variable Ponta beam system from Dräger offers four different beam lengths, column and head variants, as well as many workplace components with which you can equip your workstation. Due to the wide range of options, you have the possibility to position medical equipment and devices more efficiently in the workplace.

Enhanced versatility

The Ponta workstation was designed to enhance efficiency in intensive care units in a number of ways. Featuring a closed beam system with an integrated media guide, an arrangement of devices off the floor, a user-friendly working height and a non-wall mounted installation, Dräger Ponta provides for optimum ward hygiene as well as faster clean-up and turnaround times, including complete, all-around access to the patient. To meet the increased demand for media supply, the Ponta ES workplace has been replaced by the beam system ES Plus. Integrated lighting options offer patients and caregivers greater safety and comfort. The comprehensive lighting system includes indirect workplace lighting; alternatively, a RGB light or a Circadian Illumination System are also available. The lighting system is completed by a reading and examination light as well as a navigation and drawer light, which allows for work during the night without disturbing the patient during sleep. In combination with our work stations type C, E Plus and S Plus, you can configure the Ponta in each care area according to your specifications.

Custom-built to your specifications

The Ponta beam systems are available in lengths of 2,200, 2,800, 3,100 and 3,500 mm and can be connected directly to one another for the optimum use of space. Extensive configuration possibilities, such as e.g. the selection of different shuttles, media heads and columns, enable the optimal design of workstations.

Workstation Type C

The C-workstations are designed for the maximum utilization of space. The equipment poles with shuttle, carriers and, as necessary, a crossbeam feature, have a very slim design. Medical devices can be positioned anywhere along the length of the beam. A total load of up to 150 kg is possible. Gas, electricity and low-voltage current terminals are located in the beam.

Workstation Type E Plus

The E-workstation provides convenient, ergonomic positioning of terminal units for medical gases, electricity and low-voltage power supply in the column or head. For exchanging equipment, devices can be simply attached and detached to save precious time during transport or in critical situations. Additionally, free terminal units, e.g. for the non-scheduled use of medical devices, can be located in the beam. It can handle loads of up to 120 kg. A pneumatic brake prevents unintentional movement. Rotational movements of the head or the column are prevented by a friction brake as a standard feature, which may be optionally replaced by a pneumatic brake.

Workstation Type S Plus

The S-workstations maximize positioning flexibility by incorporating a swiveling arm. It allows the workstation to be positioned to the side or head of the bed. This workstation is rated for loads of up to 100 kg. Both the shuttle and the arm have a pneumatic brake. Unintentional rotation of the head or the column is prevented by a friction brake; an optional, pneumatic brake is also available. Terminal units for gas, electricity and low-voltage power supply are, like in the E plus variant, positioned ergonomically in the columns and heads. As required, other terminal units can be located in the beam.

Cost-effective installation

Due to the small number of device components, the Ponta beam system can be installed quickly and easily. Due to the variable positioning of the ceiling brackets there are no additional costs for the repositioning of existing installations or for the creation of substructures. Furthermore, the Ponta beam system leaves space on the ceiling for future installations, such as patient lifts and infotainment systems. The use of standardized and compatible mountings and accessories allows an easy adjustment to changing workstation requirements.


Rendering Collection: Advanced Workplace Design (ZIP, 150 MB)
Rendering Collection: Advanced Workplace Design (ZIP, 150 MB)

Discover the interaction of the AWD-components in 7 flash animations.


Family Brochure Medical Supply Systems, en
Family Brochure Medical Supply Systems, en


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IFU Ponta 9512063 en

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