Dräger Prestor 5000

The Prestor 5000 from Dräger is a highly efficient device that tests the integrity and thus safety of full face respiratory masks. The automatic testing program reduces the time needed to inspect each mask, which makes the testing of even a large number of masks fast and convenient.

Automatic mask positioning

The pneumatic fastening and tension feature automatically attaches the full-face mask into the optimal position. The functionality of the adjustment harness is examined during the test procedure. A special fixture is also available for the inspection of Dräger masks with helmet adapters.

Natural head shape

The gel face and underlying structure of the head unit is made so as to resemble human skin. This way, the positioning and fitting of the mask is as realistic as possible. Users can change the gel face themselves, when desired.

Realistic in every way

An integrated atomizer ensures that a realistic amount of moisture enters the exhalation valve during testing. This supports the test procedure by simulating the effect of the exhaled air during real-life wear.

Control via PC

Operating the Prestor 5000 and the graphic display of all testing procedures is done using a PC1. The device is simply connected using a USB cable. Test protocols are auto-matically generated in order to guarantee precise documentation. The whole procedures can also optionally be done using a pedal switch.2 

1 PC is not included
2 Pedal switch is not included

Required for operation and included accessories

PC meeting the following hardware and operating system conditions:

  • Processor 1.6 GHz or better
  • RAM 2 GB or more
  • Space on hard disk: min. 500 MB
  • Monitor resolution of at least 1,024 x 768 pixels
  • Windows® 7, 8 and 10
  • USB port
Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.


    IFU Prestor 5000 9031173 ME
    IFU Prestor 5000 9031173 ME

    These instructions for use are provided for informational purposes only. Please always read and comply with the instructions for use delivered with the product.


    Protector Software V7.2.0
    Protector Software V7.2.0


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