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Dräger Primus® Infinity® Empowered

Primus® Infinity® Empowered combines ICU-quality ventilation and optimal anaesthesia therapy in a state-of-the-art design. It offers care for patients of all ages and acuity levels. In combination with Infinity® Acute Care System patient monitoring it enables continually access to a wide set of patient data to facilitate fast and informed decision making in the operating room.

Advanced anaesthesia workstation

As an advanced anaesthesia machine Primus Infinity Empowered offers premium quality ventilation therapy and anaesthesia delivery. Due to its compact breathing system and integrated advanced gas monitoring it is optimally designed to perform minimal- and low-flow anaesthesia. In combination with Infinity Acute Care System patient monitor all relevant patient data are available at the point of care what contributes to increased worfklow efficiency and better patient outcome.

Ouick and intuitive operation

The Primus Infinity Empowered has a clearly structured user interface which supports a quick familiarisation process. This makes it easier for your staff to operate the device. The fully automated self-test safes you time for other meaningful activities. In emergency cases you can skip the self-test and get the device “ready in seconds” with full anaesthesia functionality.

Designed for minimal- and low-flow anaesthesia

The leak-tight and compact breathing system of Primus Infinity Empowered ensures a fast gas-exchange time even under extreme settings down to 200 ml fresh-gas flow. Thanks to heated components, the patient gas is optimally climatised and water build-up is significantly reduced. The optional Econometer guides the user to set the optimal fresh-gas flow, and it is a great help especially during minimal- and low-flow anaesthesia applications.

Precise ventilation from neonates to adults

Delivering accurate tidal volume in neonatal ventilation is mandatory. The high-precision piston ventilator technology from the Primus Infinity Empowered can accurately deliver a tidal volume of down to 5 ml and allows the frequency setting of up to 100 breaths per minute. The CPAP pressure support ventilation mode faciliates spontaneous breathing during surgery. The Autoflow ventilation mode enables to deliver the set tidal volume with possible lowest pressure. Both modes enhance the application of protective ventilation settings during surgery which can improve patient outcome.

Innovative RFID technology

With Infinity ID accessories, Dräger has pioneered the use of RFID technology for clinical use in intensive care units and operating rooms to transform data into useful additional functionality for your daily clinical routine. Infinity ID accessories from Dräger do more than just fulfill their primary function by offering additional functionality. In combination with Primus Infinity Empowered the Infinity ID accessories can help you to simplify routine tasks, streamline workflow, and increase safety levels by checking incorrect circuit and soda lime canister connections and monitoring recommended replacement intervals for consumables.


Primus Infinity Empowered Product Information, en
Primus Infinity Empowered Product Information, en


Software Enhancements for the Primus® / Primus IE
Software Enhancements for the Primus® / Primus IE

The Primus® Software enhancements are the result of feedback received from experienced users. More than 30,000 Primus products have been installed worldwide. The innovative changes to the software contribute to even more improvements in patient care – and at the same time increase efficiency and productivity.


Case Study: Norwalk Whitepaper (PDF)
Case Study: Norwalk Whitepaper (PDF)

At this Connecticut hospital, clinicians are reaping the benefits of a multi-tiered platform in one, user-friendly format


Case Study: Just 'CLIC' it!
CaseStudy SmartCare®/PS knowledge based weaning system: “Relentless” (PDF)
Low Flow Anaesthesia Booklet, en
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IFU Connectivity Converter CC300 - Protocol converter SW 1.n 9055930 en
IFU Connectivity Converter CC300 - Protocol converter SW 1.n 9055932 bg
IFU Connectivity Converter CC300 - Protocol converter SW 1.n 9055952 sl
IFU Halux N30-1 P S0 Dräger - doc0981 de-me
IFU MEDIBUS.X Rules and Standards for Implementation 9052607 en
IFU SilverLine - 9037337 de-me
IFU SP Connections on the gas supply block - 9513626 de-me
IfU SP Primus... MEDIBUS for Primus, Primus IE, Apollo and Pallas 9037426
Primus Infinity Empowered Online Product Trainer
Smarter Anaesthesia Dosing Infographic, en

Technical Data

Lung Protective Ventilation

Operational Application
Integrated anesthesia workstation for all patients
Patient categories
Adults, pediatrics, neonates
Fresh gas decoupling
Ventilator technology
Electronically-controlled E-Vent plus
APL-Technology / Precise manual ventilaton
Dräger APL-Valve
Breathing gas warmer
Low- and minimal flow setting support
Visual filling level of bag; Econometer; Low flow wizard

Ventilation Modes

CPAP in Man/Spon
Volume Controlled (VC)
VC Synchronized + PS
Pressure Controlled (PC)
PC Synchronized + PS
Pressure Support
Volume Controlled AutoFlow


Screen Display
User-configurable 12.1" TFT colour
Vaporizers capability
up to 2
Device self test
Automatic self test
LOOPS (p/V-loop and flow/V-loop)
Smart Pilot View
Patient gas module
in/ex O2, N2O, CO2, Agent

Technical Data

Device versions
Trolley version, wall version & ceiling version
Breathing system
integrated anesthetic gas monitoring
Fresh-gas mixer
electronic mixer (by setting values)
O2, Air, N2O
RFID Technology
Serial interfaces
2x RS232

Safety Concept

Emergency ventilation in case of total gas supply failure
Typical battery run-time in case of power supply failure
up to 90 min
Emergency start-up procedure

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