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The Dräger Safety Shop ensures that you always have sufficient quantities of the optimal safety equipment on-site, ready to use at any time. Our qualified personnel provides reliable and transparent management of both rental equipment and customer-owned equipment.

Safety technology as an essential factor for success

Many jobs need to be completed simultaneously during a shutdown or on large projects. For this reason, sufficient quantities of a wide range of safety equipment must be on hand and ready to use to ensure that the project progresses smoothly.

Extract of available technical safety equipment

  • gas measurement technology
  • respiratory protection
  • fall protection
  • communication technology
  • fire prevention equipment
  • ventilation equipment

Increasing efficiency with the Safety Shop

Procuring, maintaining and servicing the equipment required for the project is a big expense, which could prove unnecessarily expensive for your company – especially for short term projects. The Dräger Safety-Shop system enables higher inventory requirements to be covered by rental and loan equipment so that shutdown costs may be reduced significantly.

Innovative management software

The Dräger Rental Software manages the entire safety material inventory using barcodes. Detailed documentation of the individual rental transactions reduces costs for lost equipment. In addition, plant-specific material requests may also be analysed and billed. It is also possible for instructions or capability certificates to be checked automatically during the material issuing process. The risk of a loss event is already minimised before the work is started. In addition, customer-owned materials may also be added and managed quickly and easily.

Transparency and sustainability via documentation

The software also documents all required material data adjusted according to your needs. It is possible to record the rental periods, name and company of the borrower, inspection intervals, and possible uses of the equipment. Specially customised reports, which enable the evaluation of material needs in the individual areas of the plant, are also possible.

Individually, temporarily, or permanently

Implementation of a permanent Dräger Safety Shop is another advantageous option. In this case, the Safety Shop provides a mutually agreed, fixed amount of safety material at your company's site on a continuous basis. Upon request, measurement technology, breathing equipment, and other safety equipment may be borrowed at any time, around the clock. Demand-based billing enables cost controlling and exact budget planning. Dräger also provides the latest equipment technology on a continuous basis and performs servicing and maintenance tasks on all equipment.


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