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Simulated Tactical Fire Fighting

To effectively confront an out-of-control fire, every movement and decision must come automatically. This is why Dräger offers special training for fire fighters that exposes them to realistic fire simulations, while providing them with necessary knowledge and tactical education. All in a safe and controlled environment.

The Dräger fire dragon

Fire fighters must be ready to handle any type of blaze. However, only a handful of them get the chance to tactically train in real-life settings. The Dräger Fire Dragon gives them this opportunity by providing a number of realistic fire scenarios. Plus, the whole installation can come to you. The mobile container combines various rooms (stairway, kitchen, bedroom) and fire sources for your own individual training demands. This means you are able to design and experience your own training programme while the Dräger Fire Dragon crew operates the Fire Dragon. This new fire container also offers other valuable benefits such as:

  • variable flame height and the simulated conduction of smoke gas
  • stationary and non-stationary fire sources
  • special and individual training scenarios (for example, grease explosion in the kitchen of the Dräger Fire Dragon)

Lights out and action

Another aspect that makes the Dräger Fire Dragon unique is the ability to train using photovoltaic panels that realistically simulate out-of-control flames. Here, your team learns the optimal tactical approach to such fires and the best use of extinguishing tools. During training, firemen also learn how to correctly shut off the panels via a copy of an electrical circuit breaker. Additionally, teams learn the importance of the correct distance while fighting fires caused by electric objects. In real life, such panels often block the way to the fire source. This is why the Dräger Fire Dragon simulates a roof blaze with sloping positioned solar modules.

Technically well versed

With the help of the Dräger Fire Dragon, even the demands of industrial fires can be precisely simulated for optimal preparedness. From breaking down the door, to sealing off a dangerous leakage, your team can confront and master numerous challenges. The correct method for entering confined spaces while wearing an external breathing unit is also very important and must be trained for. In the meantime, colleagues without the necessary breathing unit qualification can train to effectively seal off the area. Moreover, waiting participants with breathing apparatus can receive hazardous substance training in chemical protective suits.

We make dangerous situations safe

The Dräger Fire Dragon fulfils all DIN 14097 safety standards. The container has a direct field of view to the control station and is monitored by thermal imaging cameras. This way, you always have your team in sight even during heavy smoke. Additionally, we can provide external specialists to support you during the tactical fire- training programme.* Discover for yourself how the Dräger Fire Dragon can make your team ready for even the toughest of challenges. Because being prepared means being safe and successful.

* Service subject to cost

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