Polaris® Multimedia

Document surgical procedures in standard or professional quality with one of several flexible, standard or high resolution video solutions.

Designed with your needs in mind

​Today, video documentation is more important than ever. Whether you use video for demonstration, training or forensic purposes, Dräger has an option that’s well suited for the task at hand.

Practical camera features and controls

Our HD cameras include known features such as zoom, iris, autofocus and freeze frame capabilities that let you capture details easily. They also offer you a choice of intuitive control options such as mobile remote or a wall control / control unit.

Polaris HD camera option

The HD option is an excellent choice for creating training media, presenting live operations or for precise documentation of intricate procedures. The realistic image quality this system delivers gives the viewer the impression of actually being there. With the Polaris® 600, you have the option to equip the light heads with a high definition camera which lets you capture procedures in detail whenever the need arises. The sterile handle no longer has to be replaced, because the camera is located directly in the light head under the transparent cover. The camera automatically adjusts to the current light conditions. Moreover, the 120x zoom delivers razor-sharp images. In addition, an encrypted video signal is transmitted wireless and continuously received in the OR. Operation of the video is performed via remote control and/or wall panel and allows your team to work undisturbed while spectators watch live.

Display holders for medical displays

Many applications now require more than one display. That’s why Dräger now offers a display mount that lets you position up to two displays (19" to 24") on a single spring arm. The side handle is adjustable for optimal workplace ergonomics, including a solution for both right- and left-handed personnel and an adjustable operating angle. It can either be sterilisable or a sterile handle, depending on your infection prevention concept. This system also features cable management for enhanced hygiene and less clutter.


Disposable Handle Polaris Product Information, bg
Disposable Handle Polaris Product Information, bg


Disposable Handle Polaris Product Information, sr
Disposable Handle Polaris Product Information, sr

Sterilna Polaris drška za jednokratnu upotrebu se jednostavno montira i uklanja i daje Vam mogućnost za sve funkcije sterilne dodirne kontrole (STC) na našem uređaju Polaris 600. Jedinstvena funkcija zaključavanja osigurava bezbednost korisnika i pacijenta.


Polaris Multimedia Product Information, en
Polaris Multimedia Product Information, en


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IFU Polaris Multimedia 9054444 ME
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Polaris® 100/200 Product Information, sr
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Why Product Services?

Medical equipment performs at its best with maximum safety when properly maintained by manufacturer-certified technicians. Ensure uptime and choose an equipment management partner that optimises availability and lifecycle planning.

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