Vista 120 SC

With increasing demands on clinicians, it’s essential to have an easy-to-use vital signs monitor that can enhance your clinical processes and help you make informed decisions that can positively impact patient care. Providing both spot check and continuous bedside monitoring capabilities, it’s the ideal monitor for your various clinical needs.

Transform your clinical workflow

With its plug-and-play measurement capabilities, the Vista 120 SC can enhance your clinical workflow, giving you more time to focus on your patients. Data entry, saving and upload functions are all done via LAN/wireless networks to help reduce the chance of documentation errors. It's light, portable and ready to go with an integrated handle for easy transport.

Spot check and continuous monitoring modes in one device

The Vista 120 SC offers both spot check and continuous bedside monitoring capabilities. Depending on the clinical situation, you can switch between modes easily and quickly. If you need to measure basic vital signs for multiple patients in the emergency department, step-down unit, or general ward or need a vital signs monitor to stay with one dedicated patient, the Vista 120 SC is the ideal monitor for your clinical needs.

Reduce the clinical complexities in your workflow

The unique Ward Round Mode on the Vista 120 SC allows you to wirelessly import patient lists from your hospital information system with simplicity. You can quickly and efficiently collect and transmit vital signs data during your patient assessments without repeated barcode admissions or manual entry of data – helping you reduce the clinical complexities in your workflow.

Identify the early warning signs

The Vista 120 SC is equipped with an early warning system that combines multiple vital signs parameters into a calculated score to indicate a patient's degree of deterioration. This scoring mechanism enables clinicians to identify the warning signs of a life-threatening event, allowing them to intervene quickly before it occurs.

Designed to meet your needs and budget

The Vista 120 SC is available in 5 different models, with models B, C, D and E offering two different temperature technologies in one monitor. Our flexible offerings help support your various clinical needs and stay within your budget.


Vista 120 SC Product Information, sl
Vista 120 SC Product Information, sl


Accessory catalogue 2022, en
Accessory catalogue 2022, en


IFU Vista 120 SC - SW 1.n -  2680025 en
IFU Vista 120 SC - SW 1.n - 2680025 en

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Vista 120 SC Product Information, hr
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