Vista Gateway

Exchange patient information, such as alarms, vital signs, and ADT data with our Vista Gateway monitoring software solution. Vista Gateway transmits all relevant data between the Vista network and your existing hospital network. It offers you automatic and wireless documentation of up to 256 patients - thus reducing manual entries and improving all-time data access, clinical decision-making and patient safety.

Fully integrated workstation

The Vista patient monitoring system is a complete departmental solution supporting ICU, OR, ED, NICU, and General Ward care areas. It integrates vital signs, alarm records, ADT as well as data from therapy devices to give you a complete clinical view. When using our Vista Gateway, you receive an automated upload of patient-comprehensive data into the hospital information system for up to 256 beds on the Vista network. The data connection to the hospital information system allows access to critical patient information and automated data collection, making it easier for you to make timely and informed clinical decisions.

System connectivity

Having the ability to securely exchange patient data supports clinical decision-making, reduces manual entry, and helps ensure a complete patient record. The Vista Gateway is compatible with our Vista Central Monitoring System and Vista bedside and spot check monitors for uploads to your hospital information system. Data from therapy devices with Medibus connection, as well as vital signs, and more data can be send to the hospital network via Vista Gateway. Additionally, the Vista Gateway fulfills cybersecurity standards to help you develop secure solutions that keep your devices and patient data safe. This includes functionalities such as secure data transfer and encryption, automatic screen timeouts, and user authentication.

Enhanced workflow efficiencies

The Vista Gateway support the selection of patient identifiers based on either patient ID (MRN), account number or visit number. Furthermore, it gives you timely access to patient data as well as automatically uploads patient data with just one click. For you, it translates to reducing the strains of manual documentation, which can lead to human error, and saving valuable clinician's time. Plus, the Vista Gateway facilitates log checks and exports.

Comprehensive Services

Dräger Services go beyond repairing equipment. Increase uptime of your equipment and minimise potential costs. Our services and comprehensive consulting ensure maximum performance of your devices and a planning reliability. Continuous training of your team with our regular and constantly updated courses helps to reduce errors and improve clinical outcomes.


IFU Vista Gateway - Data Management Software - Software 1.22 - 2680004 en-me
IFU Vista Gateway - Data Management Software - Software 1.22 - 2680004 en-me

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