Dräger WFS 1000

​The Dräger Wildland-Fire Sandbox WFS 1000 is an efficient training tool for the theoretical and tactical training of fire brigades. Developed together with experts, it offers a variety of scenarios for different training levels of fighting forest and vegetation fires thanks to its software-based display.

Profound theoretical training

​The Dräger WFS 1000 is optimally designed for the descriptive theoretical training and further education of firefighters - with a special focus on forest and vegetation fires. The wide variety of exercise scenarios and the vivid presentation enable challenging training for both beginners and advanced firefighters. The range of possibilities extends from impressive presentation of the dangers of forest fires for amateurs to demanding tactical training at platoon and unit commander level.

Modern technology

​By connecting the depth camera and projector/beamer with the sandbox, fire spread and fire-fighting measures are realistically illustrated. Adjustments are possible at any time and allow flexible training. The integrated software enables the repeatable and interactive presentation of fire progressions, taking into account weather conditions, terrain training and extinguishing measures.

Recognised calculation model for fire spread in the terrain

​Fire spread is determined by the software on the basis of user-selected parameters and projected onto a sandbox for training purposes. The simulation of the fire spread is based on the internationally recognised calculation models Campbell Prediction System and Rothermel Fire Spread Model.

Easy intuitive operation

​Operating the Dräger WFS 1000 is simple, intuitive and quick to learn due to the touchscreen.

High mobility of the system

​The Dräger WFS 1000 can be disassembled by one person in just a few steps, stowed in the boot and reassembled at another location. The aluminium construction is convincing due to its low weight as well as its high stability.

Close to reality

​The landscape is created clearly and vividly in the WFS 1000. The underlaying with real maps or satellite images, each with adjustable transparency, makes it easy for the trainees to transfer the exercise to real applications.

Usable for online trainings

​Thanks to the high-quality WebCam, the Dräger WFS 1000 can also be used for online training. This makes its operational radius practically unlimited and eliminates travel-related downtime for emergency personnel in remote areas.


IFU Wildland-Fire Sandbox - WFS 100 - 9300272 de-me
IFU Wildland-Fire Sandbox - WFS 100 - 9300272 de-me

These instructions for use are provided for informational purposes only. Please always read and comply with the instructions for use delivered with the product.


Training Systems Brochure, en
Training Systems Brochure, en


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