Dräger X-am® 5100

For manufacturing petrochemical products, aseptic packing, or handling of rocket fuel: the Dräger X-am® 5100 portable single-gas detector ensures that you use the safest methods possible for handling HF, HCl, H2O2 or hydrazine – thanks to proven Dräger sensor technology and a device design which is perfectly customised to reactive gases.

Single-gas detector

  • ​for personal air monitoring 
  • Detection of HF, HCl, H2O2 or hydrazine

Ergonomic shape

The Dräger X-am 5100 features a lightweight, convenient smartphone format for the greatest level of comfort. The gas detection device has been pared down to the minimum and, thanks to its two-button control panel and simple menu navigation, it is intuitive to use.

Reliable handling of reactive gases

​The X-am 5100 measures continuously and reliably HF, HCl, H2O2 or hydrazine and gives three kinds of warnings: visual (360°), acoustic (multi-tone alarm) and vibration.

Special device design

​The special device design with direct gas entry ensures that the sensors react quickly. Plus, the device provides precise measurement data by avoiding gas adsorption in the device housing.

Robust design

The X-am 5100 is tough: the integrated rubber boot as well as the shock-resistant sensors offer extra safety in case of impact or vibrations. The gas detection device is also resistant to electromagnetic irradiation.

Area monitoring

Combined with the Dräger X-zone 5500, the gas detection device can be used for flexible area monitoring. For example, up to 25 X-zone 5500 units can be automatically connected to form a wireless alarm chain. This connection of the transportable 'measuring heads' allows for the monitoring of large areas such as pipelines or tanks during an industrial shutdown.


X-am 5100 Product Information, en
X-am 5100 Product Information, en


Portable Gas Detection - Family Brochure, en
Portable Gas Detection - Family Brochure, en


Portable Gas Detection Portfolio brochure, bg
Portable Gas Detection Portfolio brochure, bg


Portable Gas Detection Portfolio brochure, el
Portable Gas Detection Portfolio brochure, sl
CC-Vision Basic 8.0.4
CC-Vision Software History, en
DrägerSensor & Portable Instruments Handbook (6th Edition), en
Driver for DIRA and MILO Interface
Gas-Vision Version 8.0.0
GasVision Software History, en
IFU Rubberball Pump 9023955 de-me
IFU SP X-am 2500/2800/3500/5000/5100/5600/5800/8000 - Limited Manufacturer Guarantee - 9033743 af-me
IFU X-am 5100 - Technical Manual 9033280EN en
IFU X-am 5100 9033279 ME

Sensors and substances

Dräger-Sensors for portable gas detectors can be used to measure a large number of hazardous substances. Check the different sensors by searching for a substance. Get in contact with our experts to get more information.

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Technical Data

Key Facts

Sensor type
Single-Gas Detector
Measurable gases
H2OS, HF / HCL, Hydrazine
Personal Air Monitoring

Technical Data

Temperature range (device)
-20°C - 50°C
Battery service life
Air humidity (relative humidity) in %
10% to 95%
Air pressure (hPa)
700 - 1300
Degree of protection (IP class)
IP 67
0.22 Kg


Changable filter
no filter in use
Dual sensor
Alarm Hold


I M1 Ex ia I Ma II 1G Ex ia IIC T4/T3 Ga (Zone 0)
Ex ia I Ma Ex ia IIC T4/T3 Ga
c CSA us
Class I, Div. 1, Groups A,B,C,D TC T4/T3 Class I, Zone 0, A/Ex ia IIC T4/T3 /Ga
Performance approval
Shipping approval (MED)

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