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Dräger X-dock® Manager

The Dräger X-dock® Manager keeps you informed about whether your existing Dräger gas detection devices are ready for use. It also notifies you when it's time for regular maintenance and keeps track of all testing, including results. It's never been easier to record and analyse statistical data. With the asset management software, you can be sure your fleet of devices is ready for optimal use.

Digital documentation

​No more manual record-keeping or test procedures: the Dräger X-dock Manager automates the documentation of all tests performed. To do this, the network-connected Dräger X-dock stations send data to the X-dock Manager server. Data from non-connected Dräger X-dock stations can be transferred using a USB thumb drive. New gas detection devices in the fleet are automatically integrated. Test results are available at all times, along with comprehensive calibration certificates.

Reporting at the push of a button

​At the push of a button, the X-dock Manager prepares comprehensive reports with information about the frequency and results of tests, ongoing alarm reports or whether specific devices are available/currently in use. You can structure, analyse and send this information by e-mail. Reporting can be done periodically or ad hoc, for example in the event of an exceptional incident.

Cockpit for direct overview

​The cockpit function prepares data and compiles it for utilization analysis and predictive planning. New test reports, alarm reports and device availability data can be quickly and clearly displayed here. Simply click the tabs to see detailed information.

Device assignment and user management

​The user management function lets you allocate the devices to specific users. This is done using bar codes or RFID, along with a scanner, so there is never any manual data entry. The documentation is created automatically. This means you can always see who has received and returned which device, when and where. If calibration and bump testing are not performed until the device has been assigned to someone, then the user will also be documented in the certificate that is issued by the X-dock Manager.

Fair licensing packages

​For users who have only one Dräger X-dock station, the single licence is the perfect choice. Where there are many alarms or multiple network-connected X-dock stations, we recommend a network licence. These are perpetual licences. During the first year of use, updates are included at no cost. After that, you can purchase a subscription to continue receiving updates. The updates include new features, new operating system versions, security updates and more.

Database backups and individual settings

​To protect against data loss, automatic backups of the database are included. The X-dock Manager can also be configured individually. You can also adjust the language settings, columns, and widgets on the cockpit page, add your own company logo and adjust the date format as desired.

Remote configuration of gas detection devices

​The X-dock Manager even lets you remotely configure gas detection devices in the X-dock station. This is done using a CC Vision template (free Dräger configuration software) which is transferred to the network-connected X-dock stations. This ensures that all gas detection devices are using precisely the specifications required by the risk assessment for the work area or industrial plant. This includes the values for setting the alarm thresholds for the sensors.

Fleet management software: Expand your possibilities

​The gas detection fleet always under control! With Dräger fleet management software you network the X-dock stations for more efficiency. Your advantages:

  • Evaluated data of the calibration system and the gas detection devices at a glance
  • Certificates and reports, tests performed, alarms automatically documented
  • Edit device configurations centrally without having to bring each device into the workshop
  • E-mail notifications when inspections are necessary or intervals have expired*
  • Monitor readiness and utilisation of test stations

*The functionality is not available at the beginning. The software solution is continuously being further developed.

Choose between two software solutions: X-dock® Manager or the asset licence of Gas Detection Connect

Dräger Gas Detection Connect

  • No installation: cloud server, clients only need the internet browser
  • Backup, updates, maintenance of the software by Dräger
  • Export user data in XLSX format or connect software via API
  • Outpout-return module not yet available
  • GDC is the system of the future that combines asset management and live monitoring*. This system is constantly beeing further developed.

Dräger X-dock® Manager

  • Local installation of the server and the clients necessary
  • Backup, maintenance, installtion of updates by the user
  • Export data in CSV format
  • Integrated module for dispensing and return of gas measuring instruments
  • XDM is an established software that manages your equipment fleet with its defined functions.

*The functionality is not available at the beginning. The software solution is continuously being further developed.


X-dock Manager Product Information, sl
X-dock Manager Product Information, sl

Program Dräger X-dock® Manager vas obvešča, ali so vaše obstoječenaprave Dräger za zaznavanje plinov pripravljene za uporabo. Prav takovas obvesti, ko je čas za redno vzdrževanje, in shranjuje podatke o vsehpreizkušanjih, vključno z rezultati. Zapisovanje in analiziranje statističnihpodatkov ni bilo še nikoli tako enostavno. S programsko opremo zaupravljanje bodo vse vaše naprave pripravljene za optimalno uporabo.


Portable Gas Detection Portfolio brochure, el
Portable Gas Detection Portfolio brochure, el


Portable Gas Detection Portfolio brochure, sl
Portable Gas Detection Portfolio brochure, sl


CC-Vision Basic 8.0.8
X-dock Manager (fleet management software) Version 2.2.0
X-dock Manager (fleet management software) Version 3.2.1
X-dock Manager Product Information, en
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