Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) - Firefighters at the scene use Dräger PSS 7000 breathing apparatus

Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

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Breathe easy – independent of the air around you

When workers are at risk of exposure to dangerous concentrations of hazardous substances or lack of oxygen, self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) is the first choice. Firefighters put their lives on the line in such situations to save others – and that’s why we’re proud to be one of their biggest suppliers of SCBAs. These products supply the wearer with breathable air from a compressed air vessel or through a pneumatic system connected with hoses. When selecting SCBAs, it’s important to consider that you need as much protection as necessary with as little weight as possible – so you can get the job done without hindrance.

Dräger PSS® AirBoss

Dräger PSS® AirBoss

The Dräger PSS® AirBoss offers best in class ergonomics and is one of the lightest weight breathing apparatus for firefighting. Lessons learned from firefighters around the world as well as latest innovations in technology have led us to design an even safer and cleaner SCBA system that enables you to breathe more easily and for longer.

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Dräger PSS® 4000

Dräger PSS® 4000

The Dräger PSS® 4000 is one of the lightest professional self-contained breathing apparatus for firefighters. Combining comfort with exceptional pneumatic performance, this SCBA is designed for applications where simplicity and ease of use are crucial. Lightweight yet robust, and easy to don, the PSS® 4000 provides outstanding breathing ...

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Dräger BG ProAir

Dräger BG ProAir

​Specially designed for longer durations: The Dräger BG ProAir is a positive pressure closed circuit breathing apparatus that combines uncompromising safety with the highest level of breathing and carrying comfort. Easier to carry, easier to breathe - giving you more time to get the job done and return safely.

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Breathing Apparatus: The science behind SCBAs infographic

The science behind SCBAs

Proper use of SCBAs significantly helps to reduce the risks associated with contaminated air and oxygen-deficient environments. Take a look at this infographic to see how SCBA technology keeps firefighters safe.

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Unstoppable: The Dräger PSS® AirBoss

We’re proud to support you with groundbreaking solutions such as our exceptionally lightweight new Dräger PSS® AirBoss with NANO Cylinder and accountability software Dräger FireGround.

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