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Refuge and rescue solutions

On an industrial site and especially in mines, emergency situations can occur suddenly and unexpectedly. When that happens, there’s one main goal: to keep your workers safe until help arrives. 

As part of our bespoke engineered solution offering, our refuge chambers, trains and rescue vehicles can be tailored to your specific requirements – bringing you safety solutions that are ideal for your needs.


The proven model for all kinds of different applications

Dräger has more than a century’s experience in the development of protection and rescue systems for tunnel construction and mining. During this time, we have continuously improved the technology we provide to protect the lives of tunnel construction workers and have achieved a high technical standard. This standard has proven itself many times over in tunnels all over the world. Below you can find out a list of some of the frequently asked questions about refuge chambers and a download section with informative booklets and a full list of FAQs

Always a safe haven - a selection of FAQs about refuge chambers

Refuge chambers as an integral part of a mine emergency response plan Each mine has its unique characteristics – the mining method, mine plan, personnel onsite per shift or the availability of a mines rescue team. These are all important factors when considering the use of refuge chambers as a part of the mine emergency response plan and when determining its’ ideal location. Here's a list just half a dozen FAQs - but you can find the full list of 18 in the download section below.

1. What are the most relevant international regulations and/or guidelines for mine refuge chambers?

Well known in the industry is the Australian “Guideline Refuge Chambers in Underground Mining” from the Western Australian government’s Department of Mines and Petroleum Resources. An additional resource is the ”Guidance and Information on the role and design of safe havens in arrangement for escape

from mines“ from the British institution HSE (Health and Safety Executive). Both guidelines are not binding, neither regionally or internationally. Dräger recommends that the specific requirements are defined based on the individual mine’s including an adequate risk assessment.

2. In what kind of mines are refuge chambers an option?

Refuge chambers are an integral part of a mine’s emergency escape and rescue concepts. They provide a secondary escape solution in case the primary one is blocked. An emergency escape and rescue concept is highly dependent upon the size and composition of the mine as well as the type of resource mined and how that mineral is processed. Additional aspects such as the existing mine plan with the corresponding escape routes and the distribution of manpower and equipment are important factors to consider.

3. What is the ideal position for refuge chambers in a mine?

Generally, anywhere with a strong and stable surface could be considered. However, the surroundings should be free of fire loads. Because the chamber design is variable, the chamber’s shape can be adapted to better suit the mine e.g. semi-circular to adapt to a slope. It is rather unlikely that an additional foundation will be needed. The exact positioning of the chamber is defined by the mine’s emergency response plan. Mobile refuge chambers may follow the mine’s heading.

4. Why do refuge chambers need to be transported in a mine? What is the procedure to do so?

This is related to the characteristics of a mine. A chamber that follows the heading might be a necessity. How the transportation is actually done is related to the chamber’s transport system. Mobile refuge chambers are equipped with either a skid or sleigh-type system and can be moved with help of a wheel loader.

5. What is the average expected lifetime of a refuge chamber?

An estimated lifetime of ten years is not unusual with the proper operation of the refuge chamber. Subsystems or -components such as the batteries and compressed air cylinders need to be checked, maintained or exchanged according to the service plan of the chamber and/or local regulations.

6. What influences the lifetime of a refuge chamber?

The refuge chamber‘s lifetime depends on a variety of factors such as the underground atmosphere/climate, the number of transports, corrosive influences caused by water or salts, as well as the compliance to the manufacturer’s service plan.

Suggested downloads

Safety you can rely on underground

When you’re working underground in confined spaces, no matter which precautions are taken, the possibility of something going wrong can never be ruled out 100 percent. Dräger refuge shelters can be your backup in such emergencies. Learn how various sizes and functionalities help keep you on the safe side of working life – even in worst case scenarios.

Download booklet

18 FAQs about refuge chambers

This list of FAQs offers a few facts to consider when incorporating refuge chambers in your emergency response plan. 

Download infosheet

Dräger Refuge Chamber Solutions

Our refuge chambers adapt fully to meet your safety requirements and standards in underground situations such as mining, tunneling and other applications. Based on decades of experience in the development of refuge chambers for metal and non-metal underground mines, we work in close cooperation with you to tailor refuge chamber solutions to meet your specific requirements, safety philosophies and strategies. Take a look at our approach.

The Dräger MRV 9000 is designed to transport rescue teams and evacuate miners in emergencies

The MRV 9000 is a mine rescue vehicle that we have engineered to meet the needs of the global mine safety industry. In case of a mine rescue emergency, this extremely rugged four-wheel drive vehicle is designed to transport your mine rescue team in a sealed positive pressure environment – through contaminated air, rough conditions and over long distances. See how the MRV 9000 helps rescue teams bring workers to safety in emergency situations.

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