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Fire Service Training Systems

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Fire service training systems and products that meet your needs

In a real firefighting situation, there’s no time to get accustomed to stress, heat and smoke. Mistakes in firefighting tactics can have grave consequences. Exposure by training in our fire training systems offers the best possible preparation for real firefighting. So when you are fighting fires, you are not playing with fire.

UK fire training: Firefighters carry out realistic practice mission with mobile fire service training system

Realistic scenarios: mobile fire service training systems

Our mobile fire training systems enable you to train wherever the trainees are. The systems use realistic fire scenarios – for example: fires in a kitchen, on a sofa, under stairs, at the gas meter, in a pipeline, a flashover and much more can be simulated.

fire safety engineering: safe, realistic, reliable preparing for firefighting training brochure

Safe, realistic, reliable

Take a look at how our fire service training systems offer the best possible preparation for real firefighting. So when you’re fighting fires, you’re not playing with fire.

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Training galleries are designed to fit your requirements

Training galleries for all your needs

Our broad range of products meet all your training requirements. Tube training facilities with tanks large enough to enter, "leaking" flanges, instruments, hose connections and valves, not to mention truck-loading platforms and multilevel exercise mazes featuring many different obstacles, which allow you to practice and enhance orientation skills and stress endurance.


No better preparation for real life

Working with respiratory protective equipment can create a high level of physical and psychological stress. See how we can help best prepare you for real life situations.

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Individual and flexible fire simulation systems

Our experts work with you to develop suitable training concepts and fire training systems that are tailored to your needs and different situations – whether a small fire pan, a mobile fire trailer, a life-size aircraft fire training system or a fire training building. Using modular systems, we create individual fire training systems and adapt the solution to your financial resources. We can also help develop packages for financing projects.

Our fire houses enable realistic practice scenarios

Fire house

Our fire houses permit the realistic simulation of fire behaviour in houses, industry or commercial buildings across several rooms and floors.

Realistic aircraft fire training simulation

Aircraft fire training simulation

Our realistic plants for airport fire department training ensure that rescuers are fully prepared for emergencies.

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