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Workshop solutions and cleaning

As an emergency response team, we know your job doesn’t end when the rescue is finished. For this reason, we support you with tailormade services and workshop solutions for optimised workflow and equipment maintenance. This assists you to reduce your overall cost of ownership while getting the most out of your budget.

Avoiding contamination in the workshop

Cleaning contaminated protective equipment poses significant health risks. Clearly defined processes, divided into contaminated and clean phases, protect service technicians in the workshop from harmful substances on contaminated equipment.

How to make your cleaning job a safe job

Safe and reliable workshop routine

Modern Workshop Design Interview

Being ready for an emergency starts with a suitable workshop layout, with the separation of "dirty" and "clean" areas. Take a look at how our PPE maintenance processes can help. They are supported by cleaning & drying equipment, automated test equipment and asset management. In addition, practical recommendations and solutions reduce service technicians exposure to hazardous substances and ensure efficient and effective cleaning.

Follow the 6 steps of the cleaning circle

Professionally cleaned and serviced equipment ensures the safety of the user.
We support you with tailor-made services, service equipment or complete workshop solutions for optimised workflows.
Follow the six steps of safe PPE reconditioning to learn more about the steps and our product solutions.

Inbound logistics and registration of contaminated equipment

After an incident all contaminated fire fighters personal protective equipment is transported in closed containers to the profession workshop service. The task: offloading, registration, and validation of approval of cylinders and then forwarding all delivered items to the first station in the workshop circle.

Learn more about our solutions for inbound logistic, registration and safer handling of contaminated equipment:


Dräger X-pect® 8100 Cover Spectacles


Dräger X-pect® 8500 Goggles


Dräger X-plore® 8000


Dräger X-plore® 1700+


Dräger SPC 4400 / SPC 4800 / SPC 4900


Drägerware.Workshop Software 5000/7000

Breathing apparatus cleaning and drying

Follow the step-by-step process, starting with the manual pre-washing of the backplate assembly, than the machine cleaning with the pressureized pneumatics preventing water ingress, and final drying phase. Service technicians should wear breathing appropriate and body protection to avoid indirect contamination doing this work.

Learn more about our solutions for manual cleaning and drying:

CombiDry 3_2.png

Dräger CombiDry

Drying cabinets 3_2.png

Drying Cabinets

Neodisher Mediclean forte 3_2.png

neodisher® MediClean forte

Neoform K plus 3_2.png

neoform® K plus

Full face masks cleaning and drying

Full face is contaminated 2-fold, from the incident site and also by the wearer himself by his body fluids. Therefore the cleaning of the full face mask has also an hygienic term. Learn how this works without health risks for the technician, supported by a modern workshop system.

Learn more about our products for machine cleaning and drying:

Combiclean180 3_2.png

Dräger CombiClean

CombiDry 3_2.png

Dräger CombiDry

CombiPac 3_2.png

Dräger CombiPac

MFC7000 3_2.png

Dräger MFC 7000

Drying cabinets 3_2.png

Drying cabinets


Harstra WASH 6DR

Neodisher Mediclean forte 3_2.png

neodisher® MediClean forte (Not for sale in all countries)

SumaJade 3_2.png

Suma® Jade Pur-Eco L8

Cylinder Filling

Follow the process of refilling the breathing air cylinders with respiratory gas, using a filling panel, quick connections and an air quality monitoring system. Refilled cylinders are approved, sealed and marked as "filled." Doing so, the cylinder is ready again to merge with a SCBA for the next use. After completion of the cleaning and drying process, the equipment is transferred to the clean area of the service workshop.

Fire Services

Learn more about our solutions for the cylinder filling:

Airguard 3_2.png

Dräger Air Guard 6500/6700

Bauer Filling Panel B-Fill

Dräger external filling panels

The external filling panel is a practical and economical solution when the compressor and filling area are in separate rooms.

Mini Verticus Bauer Breathing Air Compressor

Mini-Verticus | Stationary Bauer Breathing Air Compressors

Stationary Bauer Breathing Air Compressor LW 450 ES

LW 450 ES III | Stationary Breathing Air Compressors


Learn more about our solutions for the cylinder filling:


Dräger DOB 200 ECO


Dräger Booster DOB 200/300

Testings and reconditioning

The step by step process continues with the reassembling of mask, LDV and backplates. Afterwards the components are tested on an automated test bench supported by documentation software.

Learn more about our products for testings and reconditioning:

3_2 quaestor 7000.jpg

Dräger Quaestor 7000


Dräger Quaestor 5000

rz 7000 3 2.jpg

Dräger RZ 7000

3_2 porta control 3000.jpg

Dräger Porta Control 3000


Dräger Testor 2500/3500

3_2 prestor 5000.jpg

Dräger Prestor 5000

Outbound tracking and logistics

Prior to transport back to the fire station all cleaned fire PPE has to be identified, registered, sealed and packed for safe shipment. The registration and documentation for later tracking can effectively be done with a scanner. A workshop software solution collects all information for seamless documentation.

Learn more about our solution for outbound tracking and logistics:


Drägerware.Workshop Software 5000/7000

Professional Cleaning of PPE for Fire Services

Cleaning Brochure preview 3_2 br 9110255

Even after the flames are put out, these substances remain in soot and vapors on the surface of the protective equipment, contaminating it. Learn more about the health risks which come with this and how you can get rid of the hazardous substances with the right solutions for an appropriate cleaning approach.

Introduction to firefighter equipment cleaning

The Principals of Equipment Cleaning

Firefighting equipment is useless if it’s not properly cleaned. But, what is the difference between cleaning and disinfection? What determines a safe and effective cleaning process? Get the answers to these questions and learn the four parameters that determine cleaning performance in this video and check out our cleaning posters in the downloads section. 

The Effectiveness of Cleaning Methods

Fire equipment cleaning methods vary greatly around the world. Dräger fire services teamed up with experts in the industry to test differing processes and identify the best cleaning procedures and agents for use with Dräger equipment.

Additional downloads

4 parameters that determine cleaning effectiveness
4 parameters that determine cleaning effectiveness

These parameters, so called the ‘Sinner’s circle,’ were developed in 1959. The four parameters are variable and can be combined depending on the degree of the contamination of the contaminated surface and on available resources.

Complete respiratory protection workshop
Respiratory protection workshop infosheet

We deliver the full service. Take a detailed look at how we plan your respiratory protection workshop in accordance with your requirements, supply all components and hand over your new workshop ready for use.

Quality servicing and care of protective equipment
Servicing and care of protective equipment brochure

We supply workshop systems designed to your individual needs which ensure efficient workflow, great care and servicing of your protective equipment.

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