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Dräger Gas Detection Car

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Dräger Gas Detection Car. Detect, monitor, and visualize gases. For your safety.

With the Gas Detection Car, we demonstrate you reliable and the most innovative solutions for gas and flame detection working together in a complete system. 

Experience Dräger gas detection technologies live.


Gas Detection Roadshow

Our goal is to bring Technology for life closer to customers individually - right where you are. The car is equipped with the gas detection devices both mobile and fixed to demonstrate you locally how technology works to provide more safety for you and your workplace. 

Do you want to learn more about personal and workplace gas detection? Would you like to see live how wireless technology functions? Then send us your inquiry and be part of our roadshow!

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Fixed Gas Detectors


Mobile Gas Detectors


Smart Safety

Draeger, stasjonær gassdeteksjon, gasslekkasje, rådgivning

Why Wireless Gas Detection?

Dräger wireless gas detection gives you the same reliability of a wired system but with greater flexibility and lower costs. It offers three substantial advantages:

  • Extremely fast system installation
  • Unique upscaling flexibility: systems can be expanded later on simply by adding more detectors to the wireless network.
  • Substantial cost reduction as field cabling is no longer needed for each and every senso
Dräger Services technician carries out maintenance on devices

Dräger Services: Safety Devices

Our focus on safety extends to the servicing of your products – because you can only rely on devices that are maintained effectively. Our Dräger Services team helps ensure that all your safety equipment works properly, keeping workers safe and operations running smoothly.

Pictures of the Gas Detection Car

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