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Your safety, our solutions - perfectly linked together.

For generations, miners have depended on safety equipment and quality products from Dräger to protect their lives. Our technical solutions are all components of an integrated safety concept that is dedicated to the improvement of mine safety – this begins with respiratory protection and gas detectors for everyday workplace safety and extends to self-contained self-rescuers and refuge shelters for emergency situations. On the following pages, you can learn more about our technical solutions.

BG ProAir Mining Orange suit

Dräger BG ProAir – Time Matters!

Discover the latest features and benefits of the BG ProAir here and now. Let yourself be transported into the 21st century with our latest innovation in closed circuit breathing protection.


Operational Safety

In mining, employee health, occupational safety and plant safety are key topics. Find solutions for protecting your employees and workplace effectively.

Members of a mine rescue team with Dräger BG ProAir on their back

Emergency Preparedness

We have committed to protect the lives of miners by offering comprehensive, integrated escape and rescue solutions.

Operational Readiness

We support you with tailor‐made services, trainings and workshop solutions for an optimized workflow and equipment maintenance.

Equipment maintenance

Equipment Maintenance

Regular, professional maintenance is essential to ensure the reliability of your safety equipment and to support a long product service life.

Draeger service

Dräger Services

Dräger offers extensive mining safety services to ensure that you get the best performance from your mining safety equipment.


Training for Emergencies

Regular training increases the level of your employees’ expertise in the correct application of safety technology and personal protective equipment.


Discover interesting stories and articles about Dräger in the mining industry.

Mine rescue for the future underground

Mine rescue for the future underground

Smart mining allows the industry to meet current and future challenges. The corresponding solutions include digital networking, automation, and robotics. Mine rescue also benefits from this development - as well as from the further developments in functionality and ergonomics of established solutions such as closed-circuit breathing apparatus.

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Smart Safety: More data means more safety

Smart Safety: More data means more safety

Digital gas monitoring with IoT platforms or automated device management via cloud software are potential milestones on the way to digitizing safety processes and generating new knowledge. Today, networked hardware systems and data platforms already offer more transparency about the condition of industrial plants and workplaces. These and other Smart Safety solutions can ensure safe, transparent and efficient operations in the raw materials and process industries.

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Mining Videos on YouTube

No other company has as much experience protecting miners from the unique dangers. Find out more and watch videos on our YouTube channel.

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Axel Bahr-Mining-4-3.jpg

Axel Asks: Expert Talk Series

Dräger employee, Axel Bahr interviews international experts in mines rescue about trends in the mining industry. Learn from those in the industry who have a wealth of experience to share.

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Download our Mining Portfolio

Learn more about our technical solutions for the mining industry for occupational safety and health, ventilation and plant safety, maintenance and training, as well as emergency preparedness and response.



IPad with voice visual

Dräger VOICE

The App „Dräger VOICE“ offers detailed and security relevant information on more than 1,700 substances

Icon Draeger tubes app

Dräger Tubes App

Keeping tube measurements safely and comfortably documented.

Icon Draeger gas detection training app

Gas Detection App

The Dräger Gas Detection Training App simulates various gas measuring devices in a trainer/trainee situation

Team goes into mine

Mining Equipment

We develop mining equipment that produces innovative solutions to meet even the latest demands.

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