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World of Respiratory Protection

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What you should know about respiratory protection

Clean, toxin-free air is the most basic requirement for being able to live and work. In any location where hazardous substances pose a threat or make safe breathing difficult, we need reliable, effective respiratory protection. Whether at industrial plants, in workshops, in agriculture, in the fire brigade or any number of other industries, workplace safety and proper respiratory protection are a matter of life and death.

How do you select the right respiratory protection for your needs:

  • What are the types of air pollutions or hazards at workplace?
  • What are the different types of respiratory protection?
  • How do you select the right respirator for your needs?
  • Which regulations and protection classes should you keep in mind when you use RPE at work?
  • What do you need to know when using respiratory protection masks with or without an external air supply?

Each of the following pages covers a different topic, where you will find useful information and downloadable presentations to use during training or as a reference for your employees and yourself.

Respiratory protection basic knowledge toxins

Basic knowledge: Air pollutions at workplace

What are the different types of air pollutants and why is it so important to protect the respiratory organs? What kind of damage can toxins inflict when inhaled? Find out about the fundamentals.

Basic knowledge

Respiratory protection

Types of respiratory protection

The suitable equipment depends on the type of hazardous substances involved, their concentration, the environment and the duration of use. Here, you can find out everything about the different types and how to choose them.

To the selection guide

Safe use smoke

Safely using respiratory protection

Your equipment can only work reliably when used correctly. We have compiled a collection of practical tips and background information for you from our respiratory protection experts.

More about safe use

Get to know our products even better

Solutions for extreme situations

Every day, countless rescue workers put their lives in our hands. They work with our respiratory protection equipment in the most extreme situations. At Dräger, we take our responsibility seriously, at every stage of our production process.

How safety comes to life: Behind the scenes in our workshop

When the going gets tough, firefighters need a safe supply of breathable air. At the Dräger production site in northern England, heavy respiratory protection technologies are developed and produced for the entire world, from individual components to complete products.

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