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Shutdown Management and Equipment Rental

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A comprehensive approach for shutdowns and turnarounds

The increasing complexity of system shutdowns and turnarounds is reflected in the global trend towards ever-shorter downtimes in conjunction with greatly increased workloads. Maintaining the quality of work, protecting the environment and paying particular attention to occupational safety and the prevention of dangers and hazards requires innovative concepts and international applicability. All over the world, Dräger supervises shutdowns of all sizes, and the objective is always to complete the work with zero outages, zero unexpected incidents and zero accidents. To do that, we take unique and tailored approaches to help you deal with every situation quickly and effectively.

The Dräger Rental Robot is an automated material warehouse for safety equipment

Dräger Shutdown and Rental Management

Dräger Shutdown and Rental Management provides safety personnel and material combined in one globally unique service. Coupled with the manufacturing expertise of the company for professional safety technology, the comprehensive approach of Dräger Shutdown and Rental Management reduces vulnerabilities and sets the stage for successful downtimes and increased safety in daily operations. This is ensured by fundamental modules, such as the following:

  • Flexible safety personnel as well as complete safety organisations 
  • Onsite material management 
  • Product innovations, such as Dräger Rental Robots and Dräger monitoring 
  • Safety consulting and training
Dräger X-am devices for rental use

Our rental equipment for all your needs

Dräger combines know-how from many years of experience with cost-optimised and customised safety solutions, down to every detail. When it comes to rental equipment, we’re sure to have what you need. More than 125,000 rental equipment items are available in the UK and worldwide, including:

  • Gas detection equipment 
  • Drug and alcohol testing equipment 
  • Breathable air supply equipment
  • Personal protection equipment (PPE)

An in-depth look: how our solutions meet all your shutdown requirements

During a shutdown, Dräger takes care of protecting your workers and your equipment. Take a look at this video – including interviews with the site leader of DOW in Böhlen, Germany and two safety professionals – to get an impression of the shutdown business and an overview of how Dräger Shutdown & Rental Management works.

Dräger Rental Robot

Our Rental Robot is an automated warehouse for your safety equipment, tailored and outfitted to your exact requirements. See how it saves time and resources and creates transparency while quickly and reliably supplying users with the correct safety technology and required consumables.


Case study: Rental Robot – the smart alternative

By implementing the Dräger Rental Robot, INEOS was able to achieve daily productivity savings, greater overall productivity, safety compliance and cost efficiencies. Take a look at this case study to see how the Rental Robot effectively facilitates around-the-clock self-service of safety equipment.

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Inside the Dräger Safety Shop

Dräger Safety Shop

For larger projects, we can build a Dräger Safety Shop at your site, equipped with the safety technology required for your specific project. The shop will be staffed with qualified personnel. We manage everything with total reliability – permanently or for a defined period.

Rental equipment catalogue

Dräger Rental Equipment Catalogue

From gas detection and breathable air devices to personal protection and fall protection products, Dräger can provide you with the safety rental equipment you need onsite – for one day or for the longer term.

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