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Dräger Safety Technical Training Academy: Knowledge for real life

Dräger develops products and solutions that protect, support and save lives. However, one important aspect is often underestimated - education, ie knowledge about products, their use and maintenance, basic settings or even about people as their users. Only in combination with this knowledge does our technology become a real "Technology for life". 

The Dräger Academy gives you access to knowledge. As an employee in a hospital, fire brigade, industry or government, you will gain exactly the knowledge and practical skills you need to work safely and effectively. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our Authorized Training Centers soon. 

Pavel Okenka, manager of ATC Dräger Academy South-East Europe

Dräger Academy Authorized Training Center | Facts and Figures

  • Training is carried out in one of our 2 regional training centers, or in your premises
  • A team of 45 authorized trainers in the Czech Republic and the SEE region
  • Every year, our team in the SEE region alone trains more than 2,100 people
  • Every year, we organize more than 200 courses in the Czech Republic and the SEE region

Training courses

Alcohol and Drug Testing Scenarios

Alcohol and Drug Detection

As part of these trainings, users will gain all the necessary knowledge to operate devices and evaluate tests for drugs and alcohol in test subjects.

  • Alcotest User
  • DrugTest User
  • DrugCheck User
A man testing beathing apparathus equipment

Breathing Apparathus

These trainings cover a wide range of topics, such as the use of breathing apparatus, the care and maintenance of breathing apparatus, including regular inspections and testing.

  • User Training
  • Care and Maintenance Dräger PSS
A technician is testing a portable gas detector X-am 8000

Gas Detection

From the basic operation of portable gas detectors, their calibration, measurement management to maintenance and calibration of stationary gas detection systems.

  • Basic User Gas Detectors
  • Advanced User Gas Detectors
  • Fixed Gas Detectors
Leg entry and confined space simulation training course

Practical Trainings

You can safely get the necessary habits for everyday work in dangerous situations in our CSE, Fire Dragon 7000/9000 and FTS 8000 simulators.

  • CSE - Confined Space Entry training
  • Fire Dragon - realistic fire training
Technician carries out maintenance on devices

Measurement and Test Equipment

Training of operators of measuring devices for regular inspection and testing of breathing apparatus and chemical suits.

  • Quaestor Training
  • Testor Training
Firefighters are wearing Dräger HPS 7000 helmets with a headlamp and in a smoky environment

Helmets HPS

Training for inspections, maintenance and adjustment of HPS 3500/7000 fire helmets.

  • User Training
Draeger CPS 7900 suits protect workers from hazmat exposure

Chemical Protective Suits

Training in basic maintenance of chemical suits CPS 5800/5900, 6800/6900 and 7800/7900.

  • User and Maintenance Training
Man filling cylinder in room


Training in basic operation and maintenance of compressors.

  • User Training

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Certificate ISO 9001 : 2015 within the Dräger Academy Region South-East Europe

for training courses and practical training of users for Dräger products in the field of Safety and Hospital technology

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Dräger Services technician carries out maintenance on devices

Dräger Services: Safety Devices

Our focus on safety extends to the servicing of your products – because you can only rely on devices that are maintained effectively. Our Dräger Services team helps ensure that all your safety equipment works properly, keeping workers safe and operations running smoothly.

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