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Turning technology into “Technology for Life”

Dräger manufactures medical and safety technology products. In so doing, we protect, support, and save people's lives around the world in hospitals, with fire departments, emergency services, authorities, and in mining as well as industry. Founded in Lübeck in 1889, Dräger has grown into a worldwide, listed enterprise in its fifth generation as a family-run business. Dräger has more than 16,000 employees worldwide and is present in over 190 countries around the globe. In 2022, the company generated net sales of EUR 3 billion.

Dräger technology is used all over the world. We operate in around 50 countries with our own sales and service companies directly on location where our customers are.

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Dräger in Germany, India and the U.S.—four stories from the world of Dräger medical and safety technology. The focus is on customers and employees who turn technology into “Technology for Life”.

Facts about Dräger (fiscal year 2022)

Net sales

EUR 3 billion in net sales


16.219 employees

Sales and service locations

Sales and service locations in around 50 countries

production sites

21 development and production sites


18 new products

Research and development

EUR 343.5 millions for research and development

Company Profile - A good start in life

We help premature babies get a good start in life and a chance for healthy development.

Company Profile - Safety underground

Our products not only give peace of mind to miners and tunnellers, but also to their loved ones aboveground.

Company Profile - Our experience in intensive care medicine

The world’s best hospitals and medical teams rely on our expertise. From Johannesburg to New Orleans. From Beijing to Lübeck.

Company Profile - Firefighter with X-am 3500

We help firefighters and rescue workers breathe easy in the hottest situations.

Experiencing Dräger in Lübeck virtually

People. Stories. Insights. Welcome to our virtual tour of Dräger’s headquarters in Lübeck. Get to know our locations and the people who turn technology into "Technology for lLfe" here every day. Relive the places where company history was written and where ideas for the future are born today.


Trace our company history, take a look at research and development (R&D) or visit our test laboratories and other exciting places.

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Get an overview at our production site. Take a look at our production halls and logistics.

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Dräger’s Principles of Business and Conduct

Principles of Business and Conduct

The Principles of Business and Conduct form the basis for our everyday conduct.


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Company history of Dräger

Our history

Every life is unique. Protecting, supporting and saving lives is at the heart of our Dräger history. Johann Heinrich Dräger wrote the first chapter of this history in 1889. We will continue to be guided by the idea of turning technology into “Technology for Life”.

Our Principles of Business and Conduct—handshake

Quality made by Dräger

People entrust our products with their most valuable possession: their lives. So our products have to be reliable at all times. Dräger devices must therefore meet the highest quality standards – from development through production and delivery to operation and servicing.

Sustainability at Dräger

Our understanding of sustainability

Sustainability and continuous development are essential parts of our DNA and company history at Dräger. For us, our guiding principle of "Technology for Life" means taking responsibility.

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