People entrust our products with their most valuable possession: their lives. So our products have to be reliable at all times. Dräger devices must therefore meet the highest quality standards – from development through production and delivery to operation and servicing.

Product responsibility from start to finish

Quality has no specific start or end point – in fact, it touches every part of our company. This means that everyone at Dräger takes some responsibility for the safety of our products and services. Our demanding quality-management system is the foundation we rely on every day.

Safety built in from the start

Quality—the new Atlan family

As early as the development stage of new products, our most experienced employees carry out risk analyses and eliminate as many safety risks as possible, right from the start. Our goal is to achieve a system of safety features that simplifies the daily routine for hospital staff and provides additional support in unforeseen stressful situations.

Realistic tests

Testing modelled on reality

We not only analyse the potential risks of a new device, but also pay particular attention to its reliability. Every design, every material, every interplay between components is scrutinised and evaluated with regard to its robustness. In purpose-built rooms, we test the operability of the machines for customers as realistically as possible and under elevated levels of stress. This means that long before even the first shipment to customers, we gain several years' operating experience and achieve the highest degree of reliability. 

Safe operation even under stress

Safe operation under stress

Whether a product truly works well is tested by our usability experts. And good operability is a prerequisite for safe handling of medical technology – even if it is getting stressful in the OR. That is why clinical users regularly test our productsduring the development stage under real-life operating conditions. Safety is essential for them – especially in critical situations, such as in the event of electricity or gas supply failure, when it must provide suitable emergency functions so that the anaesthesia can be completed successfully.

Quality through to the supply chain

Quality all the way along the supply chain

Before we work with suppliers, we scrutinise them thoroughly with our accreditation process. We involve future suppliers in new product developments at an early stage, testing prototypes of components to ensure quality right from the start. For the suppliers of large or important components, we have already launched an induction programme so as to guarantee seamless cooperation from the start. 

Nothing happens without approval – and that applies worldwide

Approval is necessary

Medical products are highly regulated products for which we need approval before we can bring them to market. Proof of safety, quality and performance requirements are increasing not only in the EU, but worldwide. Alongside countless international standards, we have to observe country-specific guidance notes and local prevailing standards alike. This is reflected in the most varied of accreditation applications. We make sure that our medical products always comply with the prevailing legal system. 

Safety through standardised processes

Safety through standardised processes

The ethos of quality always plays a role in production as well. Even though the components have already been thoroughly tested by the manufacturer prior to their delivery to us, we still test everything again on the assembly line. In doing so, the quality of the processes is just as important to us as that of the products. Highly qualified employees perform functional tests and look for potential irregularities during quality endurance tests for highly complex new devices.

Customer focus in aftersales service

Service technician performing daily work

Service quality for us means being on site quickly and being able to provide the customer with long-term support. Over 9,000 colleagues worldwide work in service. We take particular care to ensure a faster diagnosis and reduce exchange times for replacement parts. We also optimise the inspection and maintenance services. Because it is very expensive for our customers when devices are standing idle – and that is something we definitely want to avoid! 

Responsibility right to the end

Responsibility to the last

As a manufacturer of medical products, we are committed to a systematic process of market monitoring. We take this very seriously, yet even here we go a step further, because we carry out this market observation for our safety technology products as well. In the course of our market monitoring, we not only assess individual cases, but also apply potential opportunities for improvement to the development of future products.

Stefanie Hirsch, Head of Quality & Regulatory Affairs:

"Customers are frequently giving us feedback as to why they choose Dräger – and, apart from the products, the reasons they give also include the strong service ethos and the support we offer should there ever be a problem."

Quality - Because every moment deserves the best

We selected Dräger employees and asked them to answer one important question: What does quality mean to you? Their answers are spontaneous, authentic and come from the heart.

How Dräger ensures quality

Testers are destroyers and fault finders: Shaking and jolting medical devices is an everyday occurrence for Dräger test engineers. After the test bench, nothing is allowed to be loose or broken off, and everything must function normally. Testing with regard to cold, heat and acoustics is also in the handbook for our testers.

Technology should make patient care more effective and more efficient. However, we have to make sure that our equipment will stand the test of time. This includes fixing security vulnerabilities. We take cyber hazards into account in our system architectures from the outset during product development and have them comprehensively tested professionally. Does this mean that Dräger products are absolutely safe? This is not quite the right question.

Quality in medical and safety products

Dr Ridvan Erdemir

Quality in medical products

“This Cicero EM is over 25 years old, and works perfectly!” says Clinic Director Dr Ridvan Erdemir. Our products are extremely durable and robust, simply "Technology for Life". Like at the state-of-the-art Denizli Özel Sağlık Clinic in Turkey, where one of our older-generation anaesthesia devices is in use, even though it has been in operation for more than a quarter of a century 


Quality in safety products

An attractive workplace with high safety standards is not something that can be taken for granted in Colombia’s rural regions. For 120 years, Mina El Silencio has been mining gold in the Colombian province of Antioquia. Modern Dräger respiratory protection and rescue devices play their part in ensuring that the people on the rescue team can carry out their important work without having to give a second thought to the reliability of their equipment.


We take responsibility

We all take responsibility, every day: for the quality of our products, which protect, support and save lives. For our environment, so that future generations will be able to live well. For our employees, who we support, and whose safety we ensure, just like that of our customers. And for society, which we want to serve.

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Our self-image includes outstanding product quality and an intact environment. Thus we ensure, through our quality and environmental management systems, that our processes are continually improved.

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Here at Dräger, we are committed to “Technology for Life.” A commitment like this is only credible if the management and all our employees and business partners in every country in which we operate comply with the applicable laws.


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In our Principles of Business and Conduct (code of conduct), we describe our values and responsibilities.



Sustainability and continuous development are essential parts of our DNA and company history at Dräger. For us, our guiding principle of "Technology for Life" means taking responsibility.

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