The Leadership Model at Dräger

Be the kind of leader you would follow.

Dräger’s leadership model, WeLEAD, captures the guiding principles for leadership and collaboration at Dräger.  The WeLEAD model was developed with the employee in mind.  At the core of the model is “I build trust”.  At Dräger, we treat each other with respect.  Trust is given, and remains as we consistently do what we say.  WeLEAD summarizes the expectations of our managers and allows us to collaborate more successfully by enabling each other to deliver results which create value for our customers, all while embracing our diversity.

Dräger management

People working at Dräger have a variety of talents and responsibilities. Everyone can grow here – personally as well as professionally. An appreciation of customer focus, results orientation, trust and diversity – at Dräger, these are topics that concern all staff, not just the management.

That is why we have conducted an in-depth dialog with our staff all over the world to create our mission statement for management and teamwork:



Trust and Respect

This includes trust as our core value. It characterizes our management style and the way we work together as a team – with openness and respect. For us, management means creating a working environment for our staff in which they can perform as well as possible. This includes granting them the freedom to work on their own initiative, as well as giving them a clear strategic orientation.

When selecting management staff, we ensure that they are open-minded and can work with others on an equal footing. We look for managers who will enable their staff to contribute to Dräger with their full potential. Because good management is essential for our mutual success and the creation of value for our customers.

These areas actively concern all of us, because management and teamwork do not develop on paper – they emerge from our daily interactions.

We are delighted to welcome new colleagues who identify with this principle and are keen to take on responsibility.

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