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Have we sparked your interest in our technology for life?

Then you have come to the right place. Search for job openings, manage applications, or submit a job application – you can do it all through our application portal.

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1. Find your dream job

In our applicant portal you will find all currently advertised positions worldwide. With the help of search criteria and filter options, you can find your dream job in no time. Jobopenings are located in our applicant portal.

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2. Sift the job advertisement

You will find all important information about the respective vacancy in the corresponding job advertisement: for example what you will do with us, what your new job looks like and who you can address with questions.

Tip: If you have specific questions about a specific position, you will find contact information for the right contact person in the respective job advertisement.

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3. Apply directly or register

By clicking on "Apply" you have the opportunity to go directly to the application form or - if you have already registered - to log in with username and password. 

Tip: If you have already applied to Dräger in the past, you will already find the application form filled in with your data after you have logged in.

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4. Complete the application

Now it's your turn - tell us something about yourself: To process your application, we need your personal data, information about your education and work experience and would like to know how you have become aware of Draeger as an employer. 

In the last step you upload your attachments. There are 10 MB of memory available.

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5. Send your application

Now take a quick look, if nothing was forgotten - and send it off. We look forward to receiving your application.

Here's how the interview process works at Dräger

Of course, not every interview proceeds identically. This depends on you and the questions you ask. Nevertheless, a pattern has emerged based on our experience.

Your presentation


At the beginning, we introduce your interview partner and their function so that you know who you are talking with.

Your previous career

Then it's your turn: Tell us about yourself: about important milestones in your résumé and previous experiences. Why did you decide on a particular vocational training or employer? What did you learn there?

icon of a person and his motivations

Your motivation

Of course, we also want to know why you decided to apply to Dräger. What about the new job interests you? Why do you think you are particularly well-suited for this position? What do you expect from your future job?

Your experience

We then ask you to tell us about particular challenges that you have mastered in the past. How would you react at Dräger in a particular situation? What ideas do you bring to certain technical questions? We may conduct a role play with you in order to determine how you would act in a specific situation.

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Our company, your tasks

If that goes well, you will receive some detailed information about your future position, area of responsibility and the Dräger company.

After that, you have time for targeted questions, for example, on your development opportunities at Dräger.

What´s next?

At the end of the interview, you discuss the next steps with your interview partners and arrange a time to discuss the results of the interview.

Tips for your interview

We know that an interview can make somebody nervous ...

... But don't be worried, we would like to get to know you first and foremost as a person – and introduce ourselves to you: our company, our central theme “Technology for life” and the area of responsibility in which you can freely display your talents. Our most important suggestion to you is: Don't change yourself to fit an image; just be yourself. And one request: Prepare yourself thoroughly at home. You can thereby present yourself exactly as you want to, and receive answers to all the questions that are important to you.

People at Dräger

At Dräger, people work with very different talents and skills. Everyone can grow here - personally and professionally. Whether you are starting your first job, looking to jump-start your career or ready for new challenges with us you can develop your strengths with various training programs and projects.

picture of a dräger employee with a technical equipment in his hands
picture of a meeting at the dräger medical test center
picture of a meeting at the dräger medical test center
picture of a dräger meeting
Draeger employees at work
Draeger employees at work
Draeger employees at work
Draeger employees at work
Draeger employees at work
Draeger employees at work
Draeger employees at work
Draeger employees at work
Draeger employees at work
Draeger employees at work
Draeger employees at work

The right person

Every human is unique. We value the diversity and individuality of our employees. We promote diversity in every aspect of our company and specifically in our leadership guidelines. 

There are the beliefs and values that connect us and define our collaboration process. We believe it is important that you know our corporate culture before the application process to ensure we are the perfect fit for your career goals.

United by our passionate conviction

At Dräger, we share a common passion for what we do and for what we want to achieve: to make a difference and to create technology for life. Our exceptionally strong workforce is based on mutual respect and support for each other.  We believe that our work impacts people’s lives. This creates a special connection; its strength is evident across borders and at every worksite.

We own our success

We hold ourselves and each other accountable, trust our decisions and take action to achieve our goals. Our mission is clear; we are not afraid to say “no” when necessary to remain focused. We have the courage to take risks and are empowered to learn and adjust our course. With speed and efficiency, we tackle problems, create solutions and deliver results.

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