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Cybersecurity in healthcare: keeping devices and data secure

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The importance of medical device security

As Your Specialist in Acute Care we understand medical device security is a global healthcare concern. Cyberattacks can shut things down in any industry. But with healthcare – which already lags behind other industries when it comes to cybersecurity – a shutdown can be a matter of life or death. Equipment malfunctions can put patients at risk and theft of hospital and patient data could have repercussions for years. Cyber threats are not going away. Which means your organisation needs to take steps to protect your IT systems, your data, your medical devices and, most importantly, your patients. 


Cyberattacks are the ECRI’s #1 Health Technology Hazard in 2024

As cyberattacks on healthcare facilities continue to increase, measures to secure the hospital network are becoming increasingly important to ensure patient care and avert financial harm. The report on the top 10 healthcare technology hazards for 2024 by the US-based ECRI Institute rates cyberattacks as the #1 health technology hazard for healthcare delivery and patient safety. It outlines that security incidents do not only impact hospitals’ financials, but also pose a genuine risk for real threats of physical harm.

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We are committed to cybersecurity in hospitals

Networked information technology ensures rapid exchange of information and automated processes. However, it also increases the risk of attacks from cyber criminals. A secure system for you starts with a secure device from us. At Dräger, we have implemented a comprehensive consideration of cybersecurity throughout every stage of the product development cycle. Right from the start of the product development, we design our system architectures to be resilient against cyber threats and confirm these rigorously in professional tests.


Our approach to cybersecurity of medical devices

As medicine evolves, so has information systems & technology containing patient information that supports patient care. In our position paper Cybersecurity, we outline our systematic approach to product security and explain the measures implemented in our devices.

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Authentification and Authorization on Dräger Devices

With increased connectivity, stand-alone medical devices are now exposed to networks. Recent attacks have shown that critical infrastructure like healthcare is no longer out-of-scope for attackers. Read more about how we support secure operations within the hospital environment.

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Committed to keeping healthcare information secure

At Dräger, we recognise that maintaining a secure network is a team effort. Learn more about our commitment to improving healthcare cybersecurity. 

How Dräger will help to keep your hospital safe

At Dräger, we continually strive to implement cybersecurity best practices. Learn more about how we have implemented a comprehensive consideration of cybersecurity throughout every stage of the product development cycle. 

How to ensure a safe and secure connectivity

Learn how we are helping to minimise vulnerabilities and possible points of attack for hackers. Get more information about how we are creating secure data flow between medical devices in the future.

Let's talk about cybersecurity

Our IT security specialists share their thoughts about cybersecurity from a Medical Device Manufacturer’s point of view.

Interview Image: Werner Griesshammer

The Benefits of Becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker

Werner Griesshammer, Senior Software Engineer, explains the benefits of becoming a certified ethical hacker.

Interview Image: George Cragg

The Key Security Principles of C.I.A.

George Cragg, Principal Network Engineer, explains the key security principles known as C.I.A.

Interview Image: Werner Griesshammer

Anatomy of a Cyber Attack

Werner Griesshammer, Senior Software Engineer and Ethical Hacker, explains how a 'theoretical' cyber attack could happen at a hospital.

Interview Image: Florian Grunow

Do you still think hospitals don't get hacked?

IT security expert and ethical hacker Florian Grunow provides insights on the current threat digitisation imposes on hospitals. Although data breaches seem to be the predominant incidents, hacking a medical device with life support function has become a realistic scenario. When having professionally audited a hospital network, Grunow himself has succeeded in hacking an anaesthesia device and got access to treatment functions.

Infographic: Cyberattacks in General and in Healthcare

Scroll through below to see the global economic impacts of cyberattacks in general and in healthcare. 

Cybersecurity in healthcare: keeping devices and data secure - Cybersecurity-Cyberattacks-in-General
The Extend of Cybercrime in General
Cybersecurity in healthcare: keeping devices and data secure - Cybersecurity-Global-Effects-of-Cyberattacks
Global Effects of Cyberattacks in General
Cybersecurity in healthcare: keeping devices and data secure - Cybersecurity-Global-Effects-of-Cyberattacks-in-Healthcare
Global Effects of Cyberattacks in Healthcare
Cybersecurity in healthcare: keeping devices and data secure - Cybersecurity-Economic-Damage-Caused-by-Cyberattacks
How Is Economic Damage Caused by Cyberattacks in Hospitals?
Cybersecurity in healthcare: keeping devices and data secure -  Cybersecurity-Cyberattacks-in-Healthcare-Examples
Examples of Global Occurences
Cybersecurity in healthcare: keeping devices and data secure - Cybersecurity Examples of Cyberattacks on US Healthcare Institutions
Some of the Most Prominent Cyberattacks on US Healthcare Institutions
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Our coordinated disclosure statement: Up-to-date security advisories

You expect our products to be safeguarded against vulnerabilities that affect how they function and that could compromise the safety of your patients. Your cybersecurity is our priority – and to that end we have created a coordinated vulnerability disclosure webpage providing customers and security researchers an easy way to discover and responsibly report potential security and privacy breaches.

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Caregiver uses connected medical device at-point of care

Related: The future of connected medical devices

As Your Specialist in Acute Care, we are always looking to the future of healthcare technology. Let us share our vision with you: Medical technologies that are able to communicate with each other in a secure and standardised way. 

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