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Each part can make a difference

As Your Specialist in Acute Care, we take pride in providing high-quality products and services for all hospital care areas. Our smart accessories and solutions not only protect your devices but also support optimization of the clinical workflow. Choosing Dräger Original accessories and consumables makes the smallest parts in your clinical environment become a strong link in providing optimal patient care.


Original Accessories by Dräger

To keep your equipment running smoothly and continually improve your processes, you need medical accessories you can rely on. Discover our wide range of accessories in our comprehensive catalogue.

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Preventing healthcare associated infections

Patients are vulnerable to infections due to their weak immune system. 7% of hospitalised patients in developed countries and 10% in developing countries will acquire at least one health care-associated infection1

20%-30% of nosocomial infections could be prevented with suitable hygiene measures2. Therefore, breaking the chain of contamination is an important step in preventing nosocomial infections.

Our high quality disposable and reusable accessories can help manage infection control and support the care and comfort of the patient. The products are easy to use and balance administrative challenges. Within the critical care areas of the hospital, Dräger consumables are able to withstand the hectic healthcare environment while maintaining their ability to support all patients, regardless of age, from admission to discharge.

Product Highlights

Our single-use consumables help support your goal of reducing hospital infection risks.


Set2Go and Pack2Go


Mechanical Filters


Electrostatic Filter

Filter HME TwinStar Family

Filter and Heat and moisture exchanger (TwinStar)




Non invasive blood pressure cuffs


Tcore Temperature Monitoring System


Pulse Oximetry SPO2


WaterLock 2


  1. Health care-associated infections Fact Sheet WHO:
  2. How many nosocomial infections are avoidable? Gastmeier P et al., Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift 2010; 135(03): 91 – 93

Product Highlights

We don’t believe in simply designing and manufacturing technology. We are driven by improved clinical and economical outcomes that support every care area of your hospital.

Operating Room

When it comes to the operating theatre, there’s no room for error. That’s why our OR accessories go through the same stringent quality checks as every other OR device. Throughout every procedure, our accessories and consumables help get the most from your operating room devices.


Soda Lime Drägersorb 800+


Soda Lime Drägersorb Free

Anesthesia set VentStar WT 280

Breathing Circuits

Filter HME TwinStar Family

Filter and HME combination (TwinStar)

Filter SafeStar

Filters HEPA (SafeStar)

Filter CareStar

Filters electrostatic (Carestar)

LiteStar anesthesia face mask family

Anaesthesia Masks

Flow Sensor

Flow Sensor

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Dräger anaesthesia machine Perseus A500 in an operating room

Anaesthesia Machines

Patient in hospital bed, connected to patient monitoring system from Dräger

Patient monitoring

Doctors in OR use medical supply system including Movita System, Perseus A500 and Polaris 600

Medical pendants & infrastructure


Infection Prevention and Control



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Dräger accessories: Each part makes a difference

Learn how our accessories and consumables provide quality you can rely on and safety you can count on.


Infection prevention and control and hospital consumables and accessories

The subject of hygiene is serious, huge and incredibly complex. Because even if everything is supposed to be clean, the danger is invisible.


Managing the details of infection prevention with accessories

With germs and pathogens everywhere, how do you get a product clean, if it has just been used?


Reference Case: Improving ICU outcomes with non-invasive ventilation

Non-invasive ventilation helps to deliver cost-effective therapy with decreased length of stay in ICU and improved chance of survival.


Reference Case: Tcore - The Significance of Temperature Management

In two major medical centers in Naples, doctors and nurses share their experiences with the state-of-the-art Tcore® patient temperature monitoring system.

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