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Acute care workplace design with our ceiling supply units – Ambia® and Ponta®

Ceiling supply units are a major factor for the organisation of acute care workplaces. By bringing medical equipment off the floor, these solutions offer plenty of opportunities to mount devices and accessories in a structured and tidy way. When our experts design medical workplaces for you, they pay attention to your individual requirements and aim to design a tailor-made solution which is aligned with your needs. Other aspects like creating a healing design, contributing to your infection prevention concept or installing an ergonomic set-up are equally important.

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Customised Workplaces

How do you create a medical workplace that supports your clinical workflows and enhances efficiency? When it comes to designing acute care workplaces, customisation is of utmost importance. Individual requirements, spatial conditions, and the care unit’s goals all need to be considered. Watch how our workplace design specialist, David Biddell, sets up tailor-made workplaces with the help of our 3D-tool, virtual and physical mock-ups and of course our new ceiling supply units.

Expert interview: Best-practice customisation for hospitals

With an impressive list of hospital development projects to his credit, Swedish architect, Henrik Magnusson, shares insights about how customisation decisions get made and how caregivers, planners and medical manufacturers can get the best results together.

Healing Supportive Environment

Healing design is of major importance for hospitals to improve outcomes and increase staff satisfaction. Especially for critical care areas, it is important to have an environment which contributes to faster healing and promotes a comfortable working atmosphere for caregivers. Factors like noise, light, and colour design should be considered when planning the care unit, but also access to the patient’s head and reachability of all medical devices, says our workplace design specialist, Dietmar Schäfer. Our new ceiling supply units can deliver a valuable contribution to a healing design.

Expert interview: How to make a more healing environment?

How to make a more healing environment? Paediatric anaesthetist, Robert Brand, from Childrens Hospital Auf der Bult in Hannover, explains why it is important for him to think about the hospital setting from the child’s perspective – and what that perspective can lead to in hospital design.

Expert interview: Better for everyone - A healing environment

The impact of architecture and design on health and healing is a central focus for young architect Mena Theißen-Helling – as a researcher at the Technical University of Berlin. She argues that the importance of a healing environment will only grow in coming years.


With ergonomically designed workplaces, caregivers’ workflows can be more effective and efficient. That’s why we analyse the clinical workflows at your site, then design a workplace which optimally supports these processes. Silvio Soriano, our workplace design specialist in Switzerland, together with a medical planner, explain how our supply units can contribute to proper ergonomics.

Expert interview: Better ergonomics brings better care

Do better ergonomics bring better care? Prof. Dr. Jürgen Held, a specialist in medical workplace ergonomics, talks about what his field can contribute to the design of healthcare facilities and the challenges of bringing the ergonomic perspective into the design process.

Infection Prevention

The hospital’s infection prevention concept should always be a guide for us to set up a workplace design which optimally supports the hospital’s IPC procedures. When designing medical workplaces, we focus on a tidy and well-structured workplace without cable clutter and using product solutions which are easy to clean and disinfect. Learn more from our IPC specialist, Stefan Thal, on how our workplace design approach can contribute to reduce the risk of HAIs.

Expert interview: The dynamic field of infection prevention

The Corona pandemic brought a new dimension of daily risk into hospitals around the world. That’s just one of the infection prevention challenges Pat Cattini, Deputy Director and Lead Nurse for Infection Prevention and Control at the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust in London, UK, and her colleagues in the field are handling every day.


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Adapt acute care workstations ideally to your specific needs with our Ambia® ceiling-mounted supply unit. With its numerous accessories and wide range of variation options, the Ambia ensures you maximum flexibility at the workplace.



A supply system that meets the workplace requirements more effectively (in ICUs, NICUs and recovery rooms), improves your patient access and makes your workplace more flexible.


Care-centred workplaces

A well-designed healthcare workplace and environment can result in considerable improvements in clinical outcomes, economic performance, productivity as well as patient and staff satisfaction.

Launch Event Recording

Explore our vision of care-centred workplace design and watch the recording of our exclusive virtual launch event where we take you on a journey from an empty hospital space to a state-of-the-art clinical workplace!

During this special 60-minute event, we showcase our latest innovations and insights regarding acute care workplace design, including a very special unveiling of our next generation of ceiling supply units.

Read all questions and answers from the launch event.

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