Involvement in Africa: Dräger trains medical technology specialists - draeger-corporate-africa-20221020-154458-16-6.jpg

Involvement in Africa: Dräger trains medical technology specialists

Medical technology and know-how for Africa's hospitals

In several African countries, Dräger has launched a project to improve the training of medical technology personnel – and also provides the material for this, from ventilators to anaesthesia accessories.

Involvement in Africa: Dräger trains medical technology specialists - draeger-corporate-africa-20221013-121110-3-2.jpg

Second-hand but functional devices are used in the training sessions.

Involvement in Africa: Dräger trains medical technology specialists - draeger-corporate-africa-00079-3-2.jpg

It is important to be there as a trainer, but also as a company. 

Involvement in Africa: Dräger trains medical technology specialists - draeger-corporate-africa-00013-3-2.jpg

Theoretical lessons and practical exercises in alternation.

Crates and boxes of various sizes are stored close together in a room at the company headquarters in Lübeck. Andreas Behnke knows what the individual packages hide: "In this one, there is a second-hand but functional ventilator that has been used as a training device at the Academy for a long time," the engineer says, pointing to a box the height and size of a small refrigerator. "And this box contains accessories for anaesthesia, which are perfect for training purposes, although their shelf life has passed." There are more than two dozen devices in the storeroom, waiting to be shipped to Africa. Their destination: Universities in Senegal and Kenya for training junior medical technology staff there.

Training using original devices

The first training session has already taken place at the Ecole Supérieure Polytechnique in Dakar, Senegal. Ruth Sparmeier, trainer at the Dräger Global Academy, our learning organisation for customers and employees, flew from Lübeck to Dakar in October 2022 for this purpose. Her colleague Soufiane Cafile travelled from Casablanca, Morocco. He is also a technical trainer at Dräger. Together, they spent two weeks training lecturers, laboratory engineers and medical technicians at the Ecole Supérieure Polytechnique. "During my own medical technology studies, I gained my first experience with medical devices as part of an internship – and I am still benefitting from this experience. So it was all the nicer for me now to present Dräger devices in Dakar as a trainer, in order to give the students the same experience," reports Ruth Sparmeier. "We need well-trained medical technicians in Africa. I am delighted to be able to make a contribution here," adds her colleague Soufiane Cafile. Up to 30 graduates per year are expected to apply their knowledge in Senegalese health-care facilities in the future. With regular training sessions, the Dräger Global Academy ensures the campaign's sustainable success.

Training is a much-needed first step in operating medical devices in Africa's hospitals.


Dräger trains laboratory personnel and lecturers on site

"Training is a much-needed first step in operating medical devices in Africa's hospitals," says Andreas Behnke. He has worked for Dräger for more than 30 years in various positions – much of it internationally and on the African continent. Dräger conducts the practical training of medical technicians together with universities in Kenya and Senegal – but also with partners such as the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Aachen University of Applied Sciences, and with other medical technology manufacturers. Dräger provides common medical devices and accessories and trains instructors, medical technicians and laboratory personnel on site. Countries must ensure that training programs are permanently implemented, accredited and applied consistently. Andreas Behnke is very aware that: "An extremely significant challenge is funding the operation of medical technology in hospitals. Otherwise, the technicians who have just been trained will go to other countries and the devices will no longer be operational after a short time." This would be mean that the devices would no longer be used, and that the knowledge about using and servicing them would be lost. In turn, for patients this would mean that their treatment might not be carried out and they may receive poorer medical care.

Involvement in Africa: Dräger trains medical technology specialists - draeger-corporate-africa-20221021-113537-3-2.jpg

The Senegalese university, Ecole Supérieure Polytechnique, is located in the western part of the capital city, Dakar.

Involvement in Africa: Dräger trains medical technology specialists - draeger-corporate-africa-20221015-190126-3-2.jpg

In the centre of Dakar.

Involvement in Africa: Dräger trains medical technology specialists - draeger-corporate-africa-20221012-161726-3-2.jpg

View from the upper floor of the university.

Major demand for medical technology equipment

Health-care is one of the biggest challenges in Africa. There are great differences between urban and rural areas. Not all people have access to medical facilities because the distance to the nearest health-care facility is arduous and long, especially in rural areas. Health insurance systems as we know from most Western countries do not exist in most African countries. In addition to access to health-care facilities, cost is also a major barrier for many people.

On the hospital side, it's about medical technology equipment in line with market requirements. All hospitals have a high demand in this area. However, even when hospitals are set up well in terms of technology, there is often a lack of budgeting for maintenance, consumables and spare parts that enable safe and hygienic operation of the equipment.

Dräger founds further subsidiaries in Ghana and Kenya

We have been in Africa for many years with our own branches in Morocco and South Africa, and are systematically expanding our organisation: Two more Regional Support Offices are currently being set up in Ghana and Kenya. The aim is to be closer to our customers, to strengthen our local presence and, in particular, to sustainably develop our business in the African market by investing in training and support.

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