CSE Monitoring

​Monitor hazardous materials, keep an eye on employees, control access checks – all from a central unit: Dräger CSE Safety Monitoring supports your safety management for all critical tasks such as working in containers, silos, and tight spaces.

Complete area monitoring

The CSE Monitoring System is an innovative safety solution for areas in which increased safety risks are expected due to explosion hazards and lack of oxygen or toxic gases, e.g. while working in containers, silos, and tight spaces. The system combines gas detection, video monitoring, access checks, and communication, and is individually configured according to the project requirements.

All data is transferred from the respective job site to a central controller. From here, up to 24 video images may be monitored and controlled reliably by one operator. This noticeably reduces staff costs for security personnel during standstills or other safety-critical projects, all the while increasing plant safety.

Individual configuration

With Dräger CSE Monitoring, not only do you rent innovative safety technology, you also receive comprehensive consulting. The system is configured individually for each project and provides the best possible technical solution for your particular needs, even for ex-zones.

System components for the area to be monitored:

  • Video monitoring: application-specific cameras for industrial use, e.g. infrared day/night cameras or PZT network cameras
  • Gas monitoring: e.g. Dräger X-zone® mobile area monitor combined with Dräger X-am® 5000
  • Access checking: ID card, RFID, or Finger Print Terminal
  • Bidirectional communication unit
  • Send unit: Transmission Control Unit or Mobile Data Centre
  • Central, mobile safety centre

All employees at a glance

A mobile data receiver bundles all information and sends it to the central monitoring container. The received video images, measured values, communication and data from access checks are displayed, processed, and recorded on multiple monitors. The operator has everything in view and can take any action required. Event-controlled management software actively supports the work of the operator and enables monitoring of up to 24 monitors by one person.

Full control, even in case of alarms

Events like power failure, checking in or out, communication queries, or gas alarms are also displayed on the event monitor in addition to the main monitor. This makes them immediately visible to the operator, who can react quickly in case of an emergency. In case of power failure, the camera switches immediately to infrared mode so that monitoring is permanent. In addition, an emergency light switches on automatically so that the employee can leave the work area safely.

Clear communication, unmistakable warning signals

Access checks in connection with bidirectional communication between persons in hazardous areas and the safety centre enable efficient implementation of the work permission ticket process. This enables employees to be warned and made aware of errors in time.

Every access check includes a signal lamp, which warns against areas that are not authorised with a red signal light. Additionally, the gas warning technology features optical and acoustic alarms to warn the employee directly on-site in case of an alarm. At the same time, the alarm appears in the safety centre and is processed by the operator.

Additional functions for improved monitoring and control.

While viewing video recording, the Dräger CSE Monitoring Software may be used to mark unsafe situations with the click of a mouse. This enables important video sequences to be selected for purposes such as expert safety reports or retroactive analyses even days or weeks later. Overall, the system features a capacity of more than 10,000 hours of video material.

Tailor-made reports

CSE Monitoring delivers diverse standard reports like configuration and activity reports, visitor reports, and alarm reports. The contents of access, video, and gas reports may also be linked and adjusted to the respective needs.

Use in ex-zones as well

The Dräger CSE Monitoring System is frequently used for revision and standstill projects. These are characterised by shutting down and emptying the affected plant components – ex-requirements do not occur in this case. Generally, Dräger CSE Monitoring may also be supplied with ATEX approval. The system is also available in large quantities at short notice.

Safety through emergency power supply

In the event of a power failure, the system switches to battery operation and can then be operated for an additional hour. This provides enough time to evacuate employees from the danger zone.


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Brochure: Shutdown Safety Service, en
Brochure: Shutdown Safety Service, en


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