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Device Utilization Analytics

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Device Utilization Analytics

​Consolidate all relevant device information on the utilization of your networked hospital device fleet. Summarized into a comprehensive overview Device Utilization Analytics helps you to gain a data basis for purchase decision making. To faciliate cybersecurity and performance, you can easily monitor live device status, review historical utilization information and check the current software status of your medical devices.

Increased transparency about your device utilization

​Get a near real-time overview about your device utilization rates and the stand-by times to check the performance of your medical devices. You can improve the hospital-wide transparency of software status and updates to avoid security gaps. Additionally, Device Utilization Analytics enables insights into your networked device fleet to ensure performance and to avoid operational malfunctions. With that you can keep your asset information up-to-date.

Hospital-wide overview whenever you need it

​Select your specific department or the entire hospital to gather ongoing selected or holistic insights into device usage. You can also choose between different product categories like aneasthesia workstation, device connectivity, neonatal intensive care, patient monitoring and ventilation and respiratory monitoring to get targeted visibility into the operational state of your devices. You can quickly run benchmarks and reports to review your change process.

Enhanced valid data basis for future purchase decision making

​Save costs through utilization analyses of your medical device fleet and the optimization of your device fleet with fundamental data insights. You can easily see the exact hours a particular device has been running and Device Utilization Analytics reveals at a glance which devices are used the most and least. This allows you to use your devices in a more balanced way and avoid inequalities in utilization.

Dräger Connect - A central platform for your digital health services

​Benefit from additional data-driven services offered on Dräger Connect, our platform for digital health services. Utilize the potential of the data that your Dräger devices provide and combine it with our application and technical know-how to improve acute care.

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