Dräger Evita® V600

​Experience the next level of ventilator operation. The Evita® V600 combines high performance ventilation with an aesthetic design enabling quick and efficient operation. From the first onset of a lung protective ventilation until the integration of a patient care-centred intensive care workplace.

Operation principle and user interface

​The brilliant user interface combined with up-to-date glass touch technology supports intuitive operation.

  • Quick and safe to operate even in the most stressful situations due to intuitive menu access to both settings and your clinical data.
  • All patient data, alarms and trends are fully recorded. Conveniently exported via USB interface.
  • Switch between multiple view configurations with the touch of a finger.
  • Step-by-step guidance leads you through every procedure.
  • Easy to read and navigate thanks to our new colour concept and glass touch display.
  • The 360° alarm light flashes in the color of the corresponding alarm priority and is visible from every direction.

Early Mobilization and Patient Transport

Support of instant, flexible patient transport through optional hardware components and early mobilization.

  • Gas supply unit GS500
  • Power supply unit PS500
  • Bed Coupling
  • Transport supply unit TSU

Non-invasive, for as long as possible

Safeguarding High Flow Therapy

‒ Support of high flow nasal cannula (HFNC) up to 80 l/min with possibility to limit the maximum pressure

‒ Provision of high flow oxygen even with active humidification

‒ Smooth and seamless transition from O2 therapy through NIV to invasive ventilation and back

NIV with automatic leak compensation

‒ Non-invasive ventilation (NIV) in all modes

‒ Automatic leak compensation complements the patient’s flow demand with continuous breathing gas

‒ Adaptation for leakages related to trigger, cycling, application of pressures and volumes

‒ Not applicable alarms not displayed during NIV

‒ Correct monitoring of patient ventilation due to leak compensated values

Lung Protective Ventilation

​Our comprehensive treatment tools help support your lung protective ventilation strategy.

  • Lung protective ventilation for adults, children and neonates: invasive, non-invasive and with O2-therapy
  • Advanced lung monitoring and diagnostic features (e.g. Smart Pulmonary View or Low Flow manoeuvre)
  • Display of regional ventilation distribution with PulmoVista® 500
  • Recruitment tools (e.g. QuickSet® and PressureLink) and therapy decision support with breath-by-breath trends (PEEP, EIP, Vt, Cdyn)
  • Focus on end-expiratory lung volume with PC-APRV with AutoRelease®
  • Volumetric CO2-Monitoring (VCO2, VTCO2, Slope Phase 3, Vds/VTe)

Effective Weaning

​Support of a synchronized way for quick and efficient weaning.

  • Automatic weaning with SmartCare®/PS
  • Increased variability in spontaneous breathing through Variable Pressure Support or Proportional Pressure Support
  • Facilitating spontaneous breathing through “room to breathe concept” with e.g. AutoFlow® or Volume Guarantee
  • Automatic tube compensation (ATC®) compensates for artificial airway resistance
  • Assessment of weaning through RSBi, P0.1 and NIF

Medical device interoperability and cybersecurity

We envision a future of acute care where medical devices are connected as a system and allow to enable new clinical applications in a safe and secure environment.

Interoperability between medical devices supports caregivers at the point of care:

‒ Future-proof open connectivity thanks to standardised communication based on ISO/IEEE 11073-SDC-standard principles*

‒ Automatic documentation from medical devices to your electronic medical records (EMR)**

‒ Alarm distribution: Support patient safety by notifying caregivers with a Distributed Information System

‒ Central monitoring of ventilation parameters with the VentCentral application at the Infinity® CentralStation

* only with Connectivity Converter CC300

** only with Connectivity Converter CC300 and Infinity® Gateway Suite

We strive to consistently implement measures according to the NIST security best practices framework.

Following the five functions, this encompasses: 


‒ Dedicated documents with security relevant information for your asset


‒ Secure Boot ensures the integrity of the software running on the device

‒ Access control for protected functions and data

‒ Hardened operating system by omitting unnecessary software components and disabling all unused ports to minimize attack surface


Security relevant events are detected, logged in a tamper proof security log file and the IT-admin is notified via SNMP traps


The system health monitor observes the system load carefully and reacts in case of suspected malicious events, i.e. by disabling the network interface if load is unusually high.


System can reboot into last good known state if a security event is detected. Dräger service can restore hard-and software quickly, clinical configuration can be transferred from other devices via USB drive.

Dräger Services that go beyond repairing equipment

Your medical equipment performs at its best when correctly calibrated and regularly maintained by original

manufacturer service:

‒ TotalCare: Budget security on maintenance and repair.

‒ PreventiveCare: Avoid unexpected failures in advance.

‒ InspectionCare: Regular inspections to ensure the secure operation of your devices.

‒ ExtendedCare: Coverage beyond the standard warranty period.

Increase the availability of both your medical equipment and IT solutions – keeping them updated, safe and

secure with our Connected Maintenance offerings:

‒ Help Ticket

‒ Software Distribution

‒ Certificate Management


Evita V600 Product Information, en
Evita V600 Product Information, en


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Evita V600/V800 Brochure, en


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Accessory Catalogue 2024, en


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Technical Data

Protective Ventilation

Operational Application
Fully-featured, high-performance ventilation
Patient categories
Adults, pediatrics, neonates
Inspiratory Flow
max. 180 L/min

Ventilation Modes

Volume controlled ventilation
Pressure controlled ventilation
Support of spontaneous breathing

Technical Data

Screen Display
15.6 inches Capacitive glass touchscreen
Serial interfaces
Internal Battery
30 min
External Battery


Smart Pulmonary View
variable Pressure Support
Volume Guarantee
Non-invasive ventilation

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