Gas Detection Level 2 User and Calibration Product-and-Application

Gas Detection Level 2 User and Calibration

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Gas Detection Level 2 User and Calibration

​Gain the competency required to ensure that everything works: The training imparts comprehensive knowledge on the use and daily maintenance of portable gas detectors—from the correct settings to calibration. It focuses on the latest generation of Dräger devices.

Learning objectives

Delegates get knowledge, learn skills and expertise for the use, calibration and daily maintenance of portable gas detectors and accessories.

Course content

The training course explains the basics for the use, calibration and daily maintenance of the current generation of Dräger portable gas detectors and their accessories:

  • Fundamentals of gas detection
  • Sensor principles, calibration and adjustment
  • Intended use of gas detectors
  • Technical specifications
  • Overview what is what
  • Operation switch on/off, user menu, etc.
  • Identify alarms, notices and errors
  • Charging or change of battery
  • Performing bump test
  • Use of accessories

Calibration and adjustment:
  • Fresh air adjustment
  • Zero point adjustment
  • Span adjustment
  • CC-Vision
  • Instrument test

Provided by Dräger Academy

The Dräger Academy has been imparting well-founded and practice-based knowledge for over 40 years. With more than 110 authorised trainers and over 600 various thematic modules we are able to realise over 2,400 training courses per year. We look forward to welcoming you in person at the Dräger Academy—in our training centres around the world or at your site!

Commitment to quality

Our “train the trainer concept” ensures that the knowledge and the competency of our trainers are maintained at a consistently high level around the world. This means that international service companies with a global presence can rely on the fact that the Dräger training sessions provide the same level of knowledge to their employees at any location—around the world.

Blended learning—as flexible as possible

​The content is presented in an application-based and varied manner. We combine conventional “classroom” training with practical exercises, realistic simulations and web-based online elements—a “blended learning” approach to enhance the learning experience and establish competency.

Further information

For detailed information about target group, learning method and duration please see also our Training Information under “Literature”.​


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