HI-Flow Star

Improving the delivery of life-saving high-flow oxygen therapy. Because not every patient has the same ventilation needs, our nasal oxygen delivery system for adult patients "Dräger HI-Flow Star" helps you to effectively give the precise flow conditions and O2 needed — supporting them to recover faster and avoid possible invasive respiratory therapy.1,3

Topic: Life-saving treatment with High-Flow Therapy

Enhance patient safety and comfort with our HI-Flow Star System

Non-invasive respiratory support should be just that — non-invasive. For spontaneously breathing patients, who need specific conditions of flow rates, it is essential to deliver safe doses of continuous ventilation therapy, helping them to recover quickly and healthily. When using our HI-Flow Star respiratory support system, you can ensure continuous oxygen therapy that is both gentle and healing to your patient.

To achieve maximum patient safety, our newly designed swivel connector helps prevent unnecessary disconnections, giving your patient a constant flow of air. Moreover, we have integrated clips into our high-flow nasal cannula to provide the patient with effective breathing circuit tension relief, where one clip is assigned for the nasal tubing and the other for the hose. This significantly reduces tension your patient may experience when they try to move and helps to keep them more comfortable during physical therapy sessions.

An additional health concern for clinical staff is the collection of water inside the circuit due to the fact that air flow needs to be warmed and humidified. To minimise internal condensation, our HI-Flow Star nasal cannula is made of a flexible and breathable material that also includes a valve kit, which includes a pressure relief valve and a humidifier chamber connector. You can use the pre-set pressure relief valve to prevent the system pressure from becoming too high. The valve kit is required for high-flow therapy with a blender, like the Oxymixer. When using a ventilator, the valve kit is optional.

Fits the needs for all

Patient comfort is a central issue with any interface. For effective ventilation, it must be worn continuously for hours at a time, which can cause pressure marks on the skin resulting in patient discomfort. Alternating interfaces is therefore essential in promoting improved patient outcomes. Designed to provide an exact fit and be freely adjustable, our HI-Flow Star headgear is made of soft, lightweight materials, which firmly and comfortably hold the interface in place. In addition, its unique design and soft materials also help to reduce possible skin lesions in the highly sensitive nostril area.

As patients begin to breathe easier on their own, supporting them with added comfort can give them greater independence to eat, drink, and move. This is why high-flow therapy is more comfortable for patients than conventional NIV7.

The soft nasal prongs of the HI-Flow Star System ensure that your patients have a comfortable fit, thus reducing skin lesions and other undesirable effects associated with masks. Additionally, the heating and humidification of the gas mix further helps to improves both patient tolerance and therapeutic efficacy 8,9,10.

Flexibility, versatility, usability: Having quick and convenient access to your patient for care can significantly save staff time and effort. Thanks to its symmetrical design, you can connect the nasal cannula from both sides of the patient’s bed, either the left or the right—saving you just that—precious time and effort. No need to move a bed or equipment to connect the nasal cannula to the patient. The HI-Flow nasal cannulas are available in three different sizes, which make the patient feel more comfortable. Equally important, to support you with your hospital’s infection prevention protocols, our HI-Flow Star nasal patient interface is fully disposable, thus reducing the possibility of cross contamination.

Supporting patients to recover quickly

​The transition from invasive to non-invasive ventilation is critical for your patients’ recovery. As a possible therapeutic solution, clinical studies have demonstrated that high-flow oxygen therapy can be successfully used to avoid both conventional mask-based non-invasive and invasive ventilation therapy in patients with compromised respiratory function.1 This can substantially aid patients to recover faster following extubation.1 As a result, you can stabilise your patients’ respiration better, which in turn can encourage patients to breathe easier on their own.

Our HI-Flow Star nasal oxygen delivery system helps to improve oxygenation therapies — this leads to improved outcomes and potential reduction of the length of hospital stay.2

Positive influence on functional parameters

​For patients to breathe easier with less obstructions, proper parameters need to be set. One positive factor is the therapeutic benefit of the administration of high-flow oxygen, which can do more than just increase O2 saturation levels. Clinical observations reveal that it can also improve mucus clearance 4,11 while increasing tidal and end-expiratory lung volume 5,6.

Compatibility and simplicity

​All from one source: Optimising your workflows saves you both time and effort. As a result, we have designed our HI-Flow Star System to be compatible with a range of Dräger ventilators, which include the Savina and Evita family. In combination with our Dräger Oxymixer, you can rely on complete compatibility. The HI-Flow Star System together with our family of ventilation solutions offer you a fast setup and easy application that helps you to minimise workloads and give you more time to care for your patients’ needs.


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