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Health and Safety Coordinator

​If several trades or subcontractors are engaged in your plant or operation, our Health and Safety Coordinators will be responsible for establishing, planning and coordinating the comprehensive and overlapping safety measures and regulations.

Areas of responsibility

  • Establishing, assessing and coordinating comprehensive accident and health risks (OS Plan)
  • Support in the creation of risk assessments
  • Advice on all issues concerning occupational safety and health
  • Supporting the safety organisation in its compliance with and continuous improvement of the work systems
  • Regular site inspections to improve occupational safety and accident prevention
  • Support in accident analysis
  • Training and instruction of employees and contractors
  • Creation of documentation for recording and improving safety
  • Creation of “Documentation for subsequent works”

Personnel policies

​In order to be able to guarantee the highest possible safety standard for people and companies, Dräger only appoints trained specialists. All our employees are able to demonstrate essential technical qualifications, physical suitability and most importantly: excellent social skills.

Training concept

​Consistently high quality training standards apply to all of our Dräger staffing functions. Our training concept ensures that training content and the competency of our staff is maintained at a consistently high level and in accordance to SCC, OSHA or OPITO* (depending on indivdual and local needs).

* SCC Safety Certificate Contractors; OSHA Occupational Safety & Health Administration; OPITO Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization

Qualifications / Trainings / Requirements

  • ​Training as a Health and Safety Coordinator according to Dräger's training concept
  • Technical vocational training / degree or similar qualifications
  • Trained specialist in occupational safety
  • Basic First Aid Training*
  • Occupational Health and Fitness Assessments*
*depending on individual requirements

Instructed in / to

  • ​​Operate respiratory protection equipment*
*depending on individual requirements

Experienced specialists

​Our Health and Safety Coordinators are familiar with the specific requirements of various branches of industries. They also bring many years of experience from numerous shutdown and revision projects, which means they can support you with specific expertise.

Training in the use of

  • ​personal protection equipment
  • fire extinguishers
  • fall protection equipment
  • portable gas detection devices
  • respiratory protection equipment
  • radio devices
  • ventilation devices

Basic principles

When you engage personnel through our Staffing Service, you get both expertise and experience. Whether it involves elaborate measurement procedures or monitoring critical tasks including project management, we offer you individual experts or a complete, well-trained team for all your personal safety needs. We also provide flexible coverage for unexpected high peak demands.​

Further Information

You can find an overview of our staffing functions under "Literature" in the Information to Download section.​


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Brochure: Shutdown Safety Service, en
Brochure: Shutdown Safety Service, en


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