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Infinity® MView Solution

With Infinity MView, you see a wider range of vital signs and recorded clinical data. Infinity MView combines the capabilities of an Infinity multiparameter patient monitor with the data integration of the Infinity Network to present near-real-time measurements and visual alarms on an independent bedside display and network-supported remote and mobile devices.

See monitoring parameters at the bedside on the smart display

The ClassicView screen option lets you display waveforms, with their corresponding values, and five parameter boxes. The FarView option gives you four larger numeric values visible at a greater distance compared to those of the ClassicView. A compressed version of the corresponding waveform accompanies its numeric value.

Select a display to meet the needs of your care area

Choose an Infinity S-series smart display to maximize the touchscreen capability of MView. S-series displays are available with 10-, 12- and 15-inch (25, 30 and 38cm) screens. MView can also be used with other medical-grade displays.

View parameters your way with a customized layout of the smart display

A touchscreen display enables you to quickly move between screens, select parameters, organize the location of information and to assign colors to waveforms and numeric values. Drag and drop available parameters measured by the connected Infinity monitor to configure the screen for your requirements.

Review and assess a patient’s condition with integrated Full-Disclosure, Alarm History and Trending*

Access a wide range of data, at the bedside and remotely, when evaluating a patient’s condition and making decisions about on-going care:

  • Review up to ten continuous minutes of recorded parameter data. Use the slide technology of the touchscreen to scan waveforms and locate events to expedite patient assessment.
  • Take caliper measurements by dragging and moving your fingers to the appropriate waveform segment.
  • Check the patient’s alarm history on the smart display for the type, time and duration of a clinical event detected by the Infinity monitor.
  • Explore up to 24 hours of trend data displayed in a hybrid tabular/graphical format. Automatic scaling of discrete parameters helps you identify slight variations.
* Infinity MView web application will display alarms, but it is not intended to replace the primary alarm notification system of a hospital or clinical department. Alarms displayed by Infinity MView web application must be addressed in accordance with standard operating procedures.

Stay connected to patients with ‘Follow-Me’ remote viewing and an optional web application**

Remotely access the patient data of an Infinity MView bedside monitoring using Follow-Me mobile surveillance functionality. Connect with a network-supported remote or mobile device equipped with an HTML-5 compatible web browser and a QR Code scanning application. You will have access to all the information on smart display in the patient's room.

The easy to use web application of Infinity MView allows you to access patient data at your point-of-need. You can observe multiple patients and then drill down to the data of a specific patient. The web applications also allows you to access historical patient data that resides on the Infinity network and view trends.
The Follow-Me functionality and web application of Infinity MView is compatible with popular operating systems, including IOS®, Android®, Microsoft®, Linux® and Blackberry® (OS 10 only).

** The Better Care NetServer Application of Infinity MView sends near-real-time vital signs and data to its web application. The Infinity MView web application is not intended to be a diagnostic tool.

Keeps patient data secure

Using your IT-authorized devices, you can access monitoring and ventilation information brought together on the hospital network by Infinity MView’s information management system. When you open MView’s mobile application, the password-protected web client prompts you to enter your network credentials – username and password – and verifies your privileges with the SSL certificate installed on the device.

Replace or enhance your existing monitoring system economically

Infinity MView is a scalable solution that enables you to standardize monitoring throughout your hospital, from the Emergency Department to Intensive Care areas. The platform-agnostic technology is HTML 5-compatable and utilizes your existing Wi-Fi or wired hospital network, saving the costs associated with installing and maintaining a dedicated monitoring network.

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