Dräger LAR 5010

LAR 5010 is a closed-circuit diving apparatus for special operations diving. Optionally, the apparatus can be supplied with Nitrox B to enable diving depths of 24 m. LAR 5010 offers the additional option to be back-carried.

Non-magnetic and easy to use unit

LAR 5010 is a rebreather for military use and is non-magnetic as per STANAG 2897 A. All components of the LAR 5010 are well-protected in a strong housing. LAR 5010 is easy to prepare and easy to use. On the housing, it offers the option to fix additional gear like underwater communication-equipment.

Simple cylinder adaptation

The cylinder straps of the LAR 5010 can easily be adjusted to fit cylinders of different diameters without using extension equipment. Depending on the requirements, two operating modes are available: operation with an oxygen cylinder (closed-circuit rebreather) or a mixed gas cylinder (semi-closed-circuit rebreather). Thus, LAR 5010can be used for tactical diving (max. depth 10 m) as well as for diving depths down to 24 m. For the semi-closed mode, an additional nitrox kit is available, consisting of pressure relief valve with bubble diffusor and nitrox pneumatic.

Front or back-carried unit

LAR 5010 can be carried at the chest or on the back. For use on the back, a backpack kit is available, which consists of extended hoses, additional extended pressure gauge and an extended bypass system. The additional bypass button is easily accessible, as it can be worn at the front of the diver, e. g. on the weight belt. LAR 5010 has an adjustable LDV. This is especially advantageous in tactical ascents.


Product information: Dräger LAR 5010 (PDF)
Product information: Dräger LAR 5010 (PDF)


IFU SP Manual cleaning and disinfecting procedures - 9100081 de, en me
IFU SP Manual cleaning and disinfecting procedures - 9100081 de, en me

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