Dräger M2000

Allowing you to breathe safely during missions, tasks and operations - the twin-visor M2000 full mask with F2000 respiratory canister. EN and NIOSH approved.

Effective protection

In most cases, the M2000 can be put on in less than nine seconds and, together with the F2000 filter, it offers protection against biological and chemical warfare agents as well as against particles of radioactive substances. Additionally, clip-on lenses provide additional protection against heat flashes or laser light.

Optimal wearing comfort

Even when used for more than 24 hours, the M2000 provides optimal wearer comfort through a very convenient and comfortable textile head harness. The optimised air ventilation path prevents fogging of the lenses and glasses. With the aid of an outlet in the chin pocket, fluids are drained off through the exhalation valve. The integrated drinking tube allows the intake of fluids at any time.

Easy to maintain

No special tools are required to maintain the M2000. Because many of the spare parts are identical or shared, costs and logistics are minimal. Additionally, the inhalation and exhalation valves are the same for all three sizes of masks.

Highest compatibility

The M2000 can be used together with all conventional helmets and common overgarments. The integrated speech diaphragm ensures a clear communication even over the radio. Sights and other optical systems can also be employed and used due to the off-center and swiveling filter. By means of an adapter, the mask is compatible with CamelBak and other conventional drinking systems.

Perfect fit

The mask is available in three sizes covering almost all facial sizes.

EN and NIOSH Approved

The mask is approved acc. EN136, class 3 and acc. Bundeswehr TL, technical delivery requirements of the German Bundeswehr. Together with the F2000 the system fulfills the requirements of Title 42, Code of Federal Regulation, Part 84 (42 CFR 84) against CS and CN as well as particulate hazards with a P100 efficiency level (CS/CN P100).

360 Product View

Draeger M2000 360


Brochure: Lasting safety in long operations
Brochure: Lasting safety in long operations

The Dräger M2000 NBC Protection System


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