The simple act of breathing can be arduous for recovering patients. To give them the breathing support they need, oxygen therapies require both an accurate dosage mixture and a continuous delivery of flow - adjusted to each patient individually. With our Dräger Oxymixer, you can administer to all your patients - infants, children, and adults - the ideal individual therapeutic concentration needed.

Giving each patient the ideal O2 concentration

For many patients, oxygen therapy is essential to their recovery and can be life-saving. In order to support them as best as possible, the oxygen concentration during oxygen therapy must be precisely adjusted to match their individual needs and particular situation.
To help you improve your clinical outcomes, our Dräger Oxymixer ensures that each patient receives the O2 therapy precisely tailored to their needs. You can easily and reliably set the precise oxygen concentration between the range of 21 – 100%. Moreover, depending on your individual therapy strategy, you control the amount of oxygen concentration by mixing it with medical compressed air. This guarantees you with the optimal ventilation application for neonates, children, and adult patients. In combination with a trolley, the Oxymixer is an ideal flow source for both high flow and bubble CPAP therapy.

Maximum flexibility - five versions and a configurator

Adjusting the appropriate air flow dosage is a vital step in your patient’s path to self-breathing. To maximise dosing versatility and flexibility, our Oxymixer is available in five different versions and has a configurator for the individual selection of components. Additionally, the Oxymixer comes complete with flow meters which control the dosage of flow, ensuring your patients receive precise and continuous air flow. All of our Oxymixer versions give you a high degree of flow accuracy. Incorporated, you will also find that the automatic bleed flow allows a high accuracy of the O2 concentration (FiO2) for lower flows. To help you manage costs, an integrated bleedon- off switch allows you to save gas if the bleed flow is not needed.

Safety in every situation

To protect your patient though the entire ventilation therapy, you need to count on equipment that delivers immediate warning signals in case of emergencies. The Dräger Oxymixer is designed to give you effective and prompt alarm notifications in the event of pressure loss or if there is any interruption in the supply of air and/or oxygen. The safety and reliability of the therapy are never compromised thanks to the very simple but equally accurate adjustment of the oxygen concentration by means of a rotary switch. As an added safety advantage, you can connect an optional oxygen monitor to directly display the administered corresponding concentration of oxygen. This safety feature makes the Oxymixer ideal for very sensitive and fragile patients such as neonates.

Designed for practicality and robustness

Clinical environments are busy and intense. Your medical equipment needs to be ready at a moment’s notice and withstand the bumps that it may take all through the patient pathway. With this in mind, the Oxymixer is encased in a robust metal housing that protects it from damage, even in the most bustling clinical scenarios. In addition, it has a practical rail clamp which you can attach to any standard rail, for example, DIN, Carbamed, or Fairfield.

Helping to shape a more sustainable future

As a manufacturer of medical technology for over 130 years, we are committed to providing excellence in the quality of our products. And we are also committed and believe in taking responsibility in creating a sustainable product with a low carbon footprint, on account of production being in Germany, as well as promoting the use of long-lasting materials, such as metal.
We avoid the utilisation of plastics or similar products whenever possible in our manufacturing processes.
Furthermore, we place great effort to use environmentally certified lacquer systems and we fully recycle metal waste in production. Our dedication to sustainability also extends to our supplier selection process. For this reason, the Oxymixer is a tradeware product that is manufactured by DEHAS Medical Systems, Germany, who share our environmental requirements. For the whole life cycle, our products are designed to be reliable and
durable - this is our commitment, this is the responsibility we have for a healthier environment.

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Accessory Catalogue 2024, en


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Oxymixer Product Information, en


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