Dräger Polytron® A500

​The Dräger Polytron® A500 is a transmitter for long-term measurement of ammonia in high humidity. The heated convection cap protects the electrochemical DrägerSensor® NH3 FL against external influences and ensures a continuous NH3 measurement under the special conditions of air scrubbers.

Robust sensor technology for permanent ammonia measurement

The Dräger Polytron A500 is particularly robust against the demanding conditions of air scrubber systems. The convection cap with integrated heating enables the long-term stable DrägerSensor NH3 FL to measure precisely and without drift - even with temperature variations, humid ambient air with up to 100% r.h. (non-condensing), high air pace and very dusty air. The sensor is very long-term stable and thus eliminates an adjustment.

Precise measurement with high resolution in real time

​The DrägerSensor NH3 FL measures ammonia in the measuring range of 0 - 50 ppm with high accuracy at a resolution of 0.5 ppm. The Polytron A500 measuring head sends a real-time signal of 0 - 10 V and 4...20 mA via the analog output. Thus, the device can be connected to common control units, data loggers and control computers of exhaust air purification systems.

Easy installation and low maintenance effort

​The Polytron A500 is suitable for a wide variety of exhaust air purification systems. It is attached directly to the system. The hanging fixture ensures that the transmitter hangs vertically and the sensor works optimally.

Determination of the separation efficiency by sensing head combination

​Determine the difference between the current ammonia concentration during operation: Combine an ammonia sensor in the raw gas before the first filter (recommended: Dräger Polytron C300) and the Dräger Polytron A500 in the clean gas behind the last filter stage. This gives you the opportunity to record the degree of separation of your system at any time and to track the NH3 emission directly.

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