Dräger PulmoVista® 500

Making ventilation visible. Put the power of Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) to work for you and your patients. With the PulmoVista® 500, you can visualise regional air distribution within the lungs – non-invasive, in real time and directly at bedside.

Visualise the entire ventilation cycle in real time

A lung-protective ventilation strategy requires optimal PEEP and tidal volume settings. Finding and maintaining these crucial settings during the course of therapy is challenging – even for experienced clinicians. Global parameters, which reflect the condition of the lung as a whole, do not provide a continuous picture of the patient's pulmonary function. Without continuous regional information, the assessment of how different lung regions respond to therapeutic interventions over time is reduced to guess work. The Electrical Impedance Tomograph PulmoVista 500 lets you continuously and directly observe ventilation in different lung regions, facilitating the development of individualised therapy.

Directly observe and monitor therapeutic manoeuvres

The PulmoVista 500 enables assessment of regional ventilation distribution as well as changes in end-expiratory lung volumes. You can observe the effects of therapeutic manoeuvres and monitor the results over time. With these insights, PulmoVista 500 helps you maintain the best possible distribution of air within the lungs and keeps you informed on the effects which conditions such as atelectasis, over-inflation, air trapping, pleural effusion or pneumothorax may have on ventilation.

Continuous, non-invasive bedside imaging

You can monitor pulmonary function for up to 24 hours at a time, directly at the bedside. A flexible silicone belt with 16 integrated electrodes is easily placed around the patient's chest and connected to PulmoVista 500. No invasive or stressful manoeuvres. No ionising radiation. No patient transport. ​

Valuable information at your fingertips

In addition to images, the Electrical Impedance Tomograph PulmoVista 500 generates global and regional impedance waveforms and parameters in real-time. It also provides trend views on ventilation distribution and changes of endexpiratory lung volume which lets you compare the current pulmonary status with previous ones. Moreover, the view “Diagnostics” enables a convenient analysis of ventilation distribution, regional compliance changes (CW, CL) and delays in regional ventilation (RVD) and is thus particular suitable for assessing therapeutic interventions such as PEEP trials. This information can provide you with a more complete picture and help guide your lung-protective ventilation strategy during the course of treatment.

PulmoVista® is a brand name of Dräger.

Estimation of lung and chest wall elastance with the PressurePod

​Transpulmonary Pressure (Ptp) and esophageal pressure (Pes) allow discriminating the elastic behavior of the lung and the chest wall, calculating the degree of spontaneous respiratory effort and determining the maximum stress on the lung tissue. The Dräger PressurePod can be connected to PulmoVista 500 and provides information about the Airway Pressure, Esophageal Pressure and Gastric Pressure of your patient. You can analyse the derived parameters like the transpulmonary driving pressure to assess the lung mechanics.

PulmoVista® is a brand name of Dräger.


PulmoVista 500 SW1_30 Product Information, en
PulmoVista 500 SW1_30 Product Information, en


Accessories for neonatal and pediatric care (PDF)
Accessories for neonatal and pediatric care (PDF)

Suitable for a wide range of clinical applications, we supply you with over 2,000 accessory item solutions. From breathing masks to flow sensors to disposable and reusable breathing circuits, we design and develop all our products according to your specific requirements.


Respiratory Monitoring Function Sheet, en
Respiratory Monitoring Function Sheet, en


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PulmoVista 500 Basics Getting Started, en
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PulmoVista 500 - APPLICATION_Identify responders to RM
PulmoVista 500 - APPLICATION_Identify onset of derecruitment
Option Advanced Data Analysis Package (ADAP), en
PulmoVista 500 - APPLICATION_Estimate possible overdistension
PulmoVista 500 - APPLICATION_Automatic Analysis of PEEP Trials
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IFU SP Pediatric Patient Interface 9056509 en-me
Respiratory Monitoring with PulmoVista 500

Respiratory Monitoring with PulmoVista 500

Get one step closer to the full clinical picture and the best individual ventilation therapy. Our electrical impedance tomography (EIT) System visualises respiratory functions directly at the bedside.

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