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Draeger SPC 3700 CVA 0700

The Dräger SPC 3700 is a constant flow disposable suit. In combination with the newly designed vest CVA 0700 it offers ideal protection, comfort and flexibility. The liquid-tight protective suit (type 3) protects the wearer from contact with chemicals and allows greater movement, while the vest provides the necessary breathing and ventilation air for a pleasant cooling effect.

Carefree breathing – even in tough environments

Thanks to the SPC (Splash Protective Clothing) 3700, you are no longer dependent on bulky masks or heavy equipment such as an SCBA, and no longer have to experience breathing resistance. You are provided with optimal quality air from an external air source. The special Dräger CVA (Cooling Vest Air) 0700 evenly distributes the breathing air and creates not only a cooling effect but also reduces fogging and improves vision. In addition, the noise level was optimised to less than 70 dB(A) for even more comfort.

The extreme light weight of both, suit and vest, add to the overall comfort and make even long, complex or stressful jobs easier to perform and safer to complete.

Get more done with more safety

Working with the SPC 3700 means that you can fully focus on your job while enjoying the kind of quality, reliability and innovation that has made Dräger famous. The safe-flow feature continually provides the correct flow of air over a pressure range of three to ten bar, while the special auto-test feature means that no pretesting is necessary.

An additional warning signal alerts the wearer if the right pressure is not reached, or the airflow is too low. Also convenient is the high degree of compatibility with other Dräger products such as external air sources like the PAS AirPack series, MAV or PAS MAC series.

Easy to don, easy to wear

The large opening in the back of the suit allows a quick and easy donning of the suit. The vest is simply strapped on and the airline hose connects the vest with an external breathing air source. Before entering any dangerous environments, it is important to activate the air supply function before closing the suit.

Quality you can see and feel

The high-quality vest is worn inside the suit. This way, it is not in contact with outside agents and, unlike the suit, can be used repeatedly, thus saving time and money. Components such as pressure reducers belong to the proven and tested Dräger PSS Series.

Robust, simple to maintain and easy to clean – the CVA 0700 offers top performance for a variety of applications. With a breathing air consumption of an average of 300 – 400 litres per minute (depending on the compressed air supply) the CVA 0700 offers a cost-efficient, safe and comfortable constant flow suit system.


IFU Dräger CVA 0700 - 3363566 de-me
IFU Dräger CVA 0700 - 3363566 de-me

These instructions for use are provided for informational purposes only. Please always read and comply with the instructions for use delivered with the product.


SPC 3700 Doning Poster, en
SPC 3700 Doning Poster, en

Donning procedure of the SPC 3700 and CVA 0700


SPC 3700 EU-Konformitätserklärung/ EU Declaration of Conformity
SPC 3700 EU-Konformitätserklärung/ EU Declaration of Conformity


SPC 4700 and CVA 0700

SPC 4700 with CVA 0700Replacement Product

​Comfort and mobility, along with optimal protection: that's what you get when you combine the Dräger SPC 4700 liquid-tight protective suit with the CVA 0700 ventilation vest. This type 3 suit reliably protects against chemicals while the vest provides a continuous supply of breathing air and a pleasant, cooling airflow.

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