Safety Shop Manager

​Competent and reliable, the Safety Shop Manager is responsible for ensuring that the necessary safety equipment is ready for use at all times. He checks the function of the equipment, administers the release and return process and prepares all the necessary documentation.

Areas of responsibility

  • Software-based stock management and administration of safety material
  • Release and return of materials
  • Electronic documentation of all rental processes and follow-up of non-returned items
  • Brief instruction on how to handle the safety material issued
  • Preparation of reports
  • Testing, servicing and, where necessary, reconditioning of returned safety material
  • Organisation of increased and decreased output
  • Ensuring compliance with maintenance intervals
  • Integration of Dräger Rental Robots (optional)​

Personnel policies

​In order to be able to guarantee the highest possible safety standard for people and companies, Dräger only appoints trained specialists. All our employees are able to demonstrate essential technical qualifications, physical suitability and most importantly: excellent social skills.

Training concept

Consistently high quality training standards apply to all of our Dräger staffing functions. Our training concept ensures that training content and the competency of our staff is maintained at a consistently high level and in accordance to SCC, OSHA or OPITO* (depending on indivdual and local needs).

* SCC Safety Certificate Contractors; OSHA Occupational Safety & Health Administration; OPITO Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization

Qualifications / Trainings / Requirements

  • Training as a Safety Shop Manager according to Dräger's training concept
  • Trained personnel in accordance with T021/T023
  • Training in the use of Dräger's Shop Management Software
  • Management Skills
  • Microsoft Office expert
  • Training as a Fire Guard / Safety Guard
  • Basic First Aid Training*
  • Occupational Health and Fitness Assessments*
*depending on individual requirements​

Instructed in / to

  • ​Basic Risk Assessment and Risk Control Training
  • Basic principles of customer and shutdown-specific occupational safety
  • Confined Space Entry Training*
  • Permit-to-Work Training*
  • Working safely at Heights Training *
  • Safe Operation of Hot Work Equipment in Hazardous Environments*
  • Operate respiratory protection equipment*
  • Ability to evaluate readings of measurements
  • Extended knowledge about portable gas detection technology
  • Undertake First Response to Fire Incidents
  • Operate respiratory protection equipment*
*depending on individual requirements​

Experienced managers with an overview

Our Safety Shop Managers are an integral part of an experienced safety organisation, which has proved successful in numerous international projects in a wide range of different industries and plant sizes.​

Training in the use of

  • personal protection equipment
  • fire extinguishers
  • fall protection equipment
  • portable gas detection devices
  • respiratory protection equipment
  • radio devices
  • ventilation devices
  • test equipment

Basic principles

When you engage personnel through our Staffing Service, you get both expertise and experience. Whether it involves elaborate measurement procedures or monitoring critical tasks including project management, we offer you individual experts or a complete, well-trained team for all your personal safety needs. We also provide flexible coverage for unexpected high peak demands.​


​Not all products, features, or services are for sale in all countries.


Brochure: Shutdown Safety Service, en
Brochure: Shutdown Safety Service, en


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