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Safety Lights for Life Jackets and Suits

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Safety Lights for Life Jackets and Suits

​A safety light is designed for attachment to a life jacket and will activates automatically when in water, it can be manually turned off. You must replace the safety light battery unit after it has been activated by immersion in water, or if the seals have broken for any other reason.

Daniamant W4-A life jacket light

​This alkaline light activates automatically when in water and can be turned off manually if required. This life jacket light can be used on any life jacket, just choose the clip that you would like to match your jacket requirement. Meets MED / SOLAS requirements.

Daniamant W3 life jacket light

​The W3 is a lithium automatic life jacket light which is a compact and low profile flashing unit. The light activates automatically when in water and can be turned of manually if required. Meets MED / SOLAS requirements.

Seculux CFX-II life jacket light

​The Seculux life jacket light is a automatic SOLAS light which has a cable (75 cm) between the lithium battery and the light. It functions at low temperature and has a manual off switch.

ACR HemiLight3 life jacket light

​This survival light is quick and easy to install and meets USCG, MED and SOLAS requirements. The high-intensity flashing LED light automatically activates for 20+ hours when it comes in contact with salt or fresh water.

Alcares Jack life jacket light

​The light is an automatic water activated light type with a manual on/off switch and a constant light type. The light uses alkaline batteries. MED / SOLAS certified.

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