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Dräger SmartSonar Sepsis

The workflow-based software solution allows medical staff to identify dynamic changes in patient health at an early stage and to initiate treatment promptly, all within the defined guidelines of the Surviving Sepsis Campaign and the German Sepsis Society.

Under close observation

The precise observation of vital signs and conditions relative to diagnosis is of cardinal importance for the safe and quality-oriented care of critically ill patients. SmartSonar Sepsis is a highly specialised software which allows you to recognise all the dynamic processes of sepsis early on. As a result, the diagnosis is accelerated significantly.

Nursing staff

In your daily work, SmartSonar Sepsis can assist you by providing a transparent overview of all your patient’s current vital signs and clinical situations at all times. The informative visual display of SmartSonar Sepsis assists you in your daily clinical work. The software continuously displays the available data, thus helping to reduce your workload. If your patients’ data show a change in the sepsis status, you recognise it quickly and easily.

IT department

SmartSonar Sepsis needs very minimal maintenance and service: the software from Dräger is simple to implement and just as easy to maintain. Data can be called up from anywhere in the hospital and on the network whenever it is needed. As a browser-based, functional extensionof Innovian Critical Care, SmartSonar Sepsis is easy to integrate with a ready-to-use interface.

Clinic management

Excellent process quality and compliance to guidelines with SmartSonar Sepsis make for optimised treatment and the best chances for survival for your patients. Furthermore, the pioneering technology assists your staff in providing the best patient care possible, in turn helping to increase staff satisfaction and drawing the attention of competent specialists to your hospital.

Prompt identification, decision-making and action

SmartSonar Sepsis displays all relevant vital signs, offering at-a-glance identification of early-stage sepsis and organ dysfunction. Powerful algorithms evaluate current vital data according to the Sepsis guidelines and display the result clearly and intuitively, allowing for the initiation of targeted treatment within the "Golden Hour".


SmartSonar Sepsis helps with the early recognition of potential infections. Thanks to the Decision Support Software, the current state of the sepsis is identified. Consequently, you can immediately initiate the necessary steps for treatment. The dynamic and automated process - based on the guidelines of the DSG and SSC – allows the recognition of all grades of severity of a sepsis. SmartSonar Sepsis is always ready and available where you need information on the status of the sepsis: at the patient’s bed, in your office or on the ward.

Quality Management

SmartSonar Sepsis makes compliance with the clinic’s standards and procedures easier through automatic display of current guidelines. The early signs of sepsis assist the doctors’ work of diagnosis and treatment planning. Consequently, the patients’ safety is likewise increased. Moreover, effective use is ensured because the software is available and accessible everywhere along the clinical process and throughout the hospital. And not only that: SmartSonar Sepsis can be used for the training of clinical personnel in the early recognition of clinical sepsis.


SmartSonar Sepsis Brochure, en
SmartSonar Sepsis Brochure, en


Brochure: Streamlined access to vital patient information (PDF)
Brochure: Streamlined access to vital patient information (PDF)


Brochure: Streamlined access to vital patient information (PDF)
Brochure: Streamlined access to vital patient information (PDF)


Product informationen: Innovian® Critical Care (PDF)
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