Total Care

​A service programme designed to cover all aspects of maintenance, inspection and preventative care. This package includes routine labour and maintenance materials as well as repair labour and materials.

Value-enhancing measures

You need to be able to rely on safety technology – during the course of everyday operations as well as in critical situations. Ongoing care, servicing and maintenance are key factors. However, diligent maintenance and care are also absolutely necessary from a commercial point of view. Preventive checks increase the sustainability of your investment. A reliably functioning device pool increases productivity and planning dependability. This in turn, implies effort and know-how.

We take care of this work for you – adjusted to your requirements.

Performance Overview

This Total Care Agreement comprises of:

  • preventive maintenance (as per the manufacturer's recommended schedule)
  • preventive maintenance materials
  • all repair materials
  • all repair labour
  • visual inspection
  • visual check of all labels to ensure compliance
  • checking filters, where applicable
  • checking displays (pixel, light, etc.)
  • checking alarm options (horn, light, etc.)
  • checking pump and flow alarm
  • functional test of buttons
  • system updates
  • calibration (certified and traceable test gas)
  • calibration certificate


  • Professional cleaning and disinfection
  • Sensor exchange
  • Remote service
  • Rental unit
  • Customized service report
  • Priority service
  • Software updates
  • Functional test (bumptest)
  • Emergency response (24/7)
  • Logistics/ Pick-up
  • Fit test

Your benefits:

  • you can plan with confidence: unplanned downtime is avoided
  • short response times due to extensive service network
  • maximum safety guaranteed by qualified technicians
  • increased productivity due to reduced coordination effort
  • high degree of planning safety and cost transparency, with reduced callout charges
  • certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001

Quality devices. Quality solutions. Quality service.

More than just a replacement
For repairs and maintenance, we use only original replacement parts – namely, those parts used in the original manufacturing process. This ensures that your devices will operate reliably for as long as possible.

We don’t accept a “don’t know”
Every service technician at Dräger undergoes continuous training on our devices. Our service technicians can help you with any Dräger product. If solutions cannot be offered on location, our technicians will be supported by specialists from our headquarters.

Available at anytime
Helping hands around the world
Our global service network includes over 1,600 certified technicians in 190 countries. This ensures that we can help you quickly – online, via telephone, or on location.

Further information

For detailed information about contracts and contract options please see also our Service Information under “Literature”.

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