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Measure Your BAC

Measure your BAC yourself - as accurately as the police

Responsible driving starts with pushing a button: Turn it on, take a breath and blow - and within seconds the Dräger Alcotest® 4000 tells you your breath alcohol content. Using technology which is so accurate that even the police have relied on it for over 65 years.

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Purchase the Alcotest® 4000

To purchase the Dräger Alcotest® 4000 device - nothing could be easier. Simply visit our dedicated Amazon page for more details

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Compact and sophisticated, so that you are in total control

A professional instrument for private use: The Alcotest® 4000 contains original Dräger technology – packaged in a particularly user-friendly design. Just take a look at the details

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Benefits that fit in the palm of your hand

  • The Alcotest® 4000 is Made in Germany and meets the highest quality standards
  • Dräger has over 65 years of experience measuring breath alcohol content
  • Over 30 million tests are performed each year with Dräger breath alcohol testers
  • Measuring technology identical to that in instruments used by the police
  • The instrument is designed for temperatures from -5 °C to +50 °C
  • The proven technology is designed for years of use
  • A long product service life is ensured through a worldwide local service network

Discover our Alcotest® 4000 in action

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Is there a rule of thumb? Not when it comes to calculating breath alcohol levels!

Putting into practice a rough rule of thumb is somewhat risky. And breath alcohol calculators on the Internet or apps are only as accurate as the data entered. People who want to act in a responsible manner when driving need accurate readings. An alcohol breath test is easier, faster and more accurate than a 'theoretical' calculation. More about the various measuring methods can be found in our Dräger Review Special, ' Drugs and Alcohol'.

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High-tech sensors for your safety

Sophisticated technology is often a prerequisite for accurate measurement results. So how does a sensor like that work? Find out more in our special article!

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Please Note

The morning after drinking, your driving can still be impaired even if you are below the legal drink drive limit. If you do not feel safe to drive - do not drive - even if you are below the drink drive limit.

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