Safety for Battery Production and Usage - Webinar Series - Battery Webinar Series 2023 (main stage)

Safety for Battery Production and Usage - Webinar Series

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Webinar series: Safety for Battery Production and Usage

Ramping up your production facilities for lithium-ion batteries is time critical, but speed can only lead to success if you play it safe. 

Learn about the safety challenges in battery production in our webinar series. Understand the risks and how to mitigate them in different steps of production, handling and use to keep your people and your plant safe for even greater sustainability.

Get valuable safety information and practical insights of our safety experts on:

  • Battery safety risks and how to manage them
  • Worker health and safety in battery production
  • Battery plant safety from flammable atmospheres
  • Emergency response in case of battery-related incidents
  • Risk management and emergency preparedness

Format: Live Webinar Series
Dates: October 2nd, 16th + November 1st, 15th & 29th 2023
Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM CEST

Webinar Programme

1. Battery safety risks and how to manage them, Oct. 2nd - 2:00PM CEST

Speakers: Professor Paul Christensen & Gavin Peacock

  • Understand the safety challenges in the handling of li-ion batteries
  • Learn about common risks associated with the usage of li-ion batteries in various applications
  • Real-world examples of incidents and lessons learned from li-ion battery-related accidents

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2. Worker health and safety in battery production, Oct. 16th - 2:00PM CEST

Speakers:  Gabriella Hakansson & Wolfgang Huber

  • Learn about health effects of risks and hazards in battery production on workers
  • Understand the significance of continuous gas detection in production facilities
  • Introduction to gas sampling techniques for accurate monitoring and analysis of harmful gases
  • How to protect workers from electrolytes, solvents, HF, dust, and nanoparticles
  • Best practices for implementing gas detection solutions and breathing protection measures

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3. Battery plant safety from flammable atmospheres, Nov. 1st - 2:00PM CEST​

Speakers: Lars Traut

  • Understand the safety risks in battery production and the importance of safety measures
  • Introduction to flammable atmospheres and potential hazards in battery manufacturing facilities
  • Explanation of fixed gas detection systems and their role in early gas leak detection
  • Best practices for implementing gas detection solutions to safeguard production facilities

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4. Emergency response in case of battery-related incidents, Nov. 15th - 2:00PM CEST​

Speakers: Christoph Feyerabend & Henri Schwegman

  • Understand consequences of battery-related incidents
  • How to handle battery-related incidents effectively
  • How to establish first responder groups and equip them appropriately
  • Best practices for PPE selection and usage to ensure the safety of personnel
  • Importance of training for employees and first responders to handle battery-related emergencies effectively

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5. Emergency preparedness for battery production & handling, Nov. 29th - 2:00PM CEST​

Speakers: Benedikt Müksch & Gavin Peacock

  • Learn about risk assessment to identify and address potential hazards and risk mitigation
  • How to develop an emergency plan for battery production facilities and usage
  • How to establish first responder groups and equip them appropriately
  • Importance of training for employees and first responders to handle battery-related emergencies effectively

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Speaker Profiles

Introducing some of our expert speakers:

More technical experts, safety consultants and product managers are taking part, to help with their expertise and to answer the participants´ questions.

Dräger Battery Webinar Series - Keynote Speaker (Paul Christensen)

Professor Paul Christensen

Newcastle University

Through his research under the Faraday Institution-funded ReLiB and Safebatt projects, Prof. Christensen has sought to inform first responders of the risks and hazards of lithium-ion batteries (LiB) and hence (hopefully) to avoid injuries when dealing with battery-related fires and explosions, principally involving electric vehicles and battery energy storage systems. 

He has given more than 150 presentations to first responders across the world and is the Senior Advisor to the UK National Fire Chiefs Council, serving on a number of UK Government and British Standards Institute working and governance groups. He was the recipient of 2022 Motorola Foundation Knowledge Event Series award from the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council for a lecture tour of Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. Paul also holds the Chair of Pure and Applied Electrochemistry at Newcastle University and has over 180 publications in international journals with an H-Index of 53.

Battery Webinar Series - Speaker (Gavin Peacock)

Gavin Peacock

Marketing Manager - Dräger Region EMEA

In his roles as Project Coordinator and Technical Product and Portfolio Manager, Gavin has gained extensive knowledge and experience of engineering projects for Fixed Gas Detection devices and systems. He is an expert in Plant Safety and Fire, and Gas detection applications alongside Mobile Gas Detection, Breathing Protection & other safety-related products and services.

Battery Webinar Series - Speaker (Gabriella Hakansson)

Gabriella Hakansson

Senior Key Account Manager - Battery

Gabriella has been part of the Key-Account-Team of Dräger in Sweden for over 15 years. More recently, she has focused on the growing number of battery cell manufacturers in the Nordics. As an expert in the Dräger PPE portfolio, she is deeply involved in providing suitable solutions for worker's health in battery applications.

Dräger Battery Webinar Series - Speaker (Lars Traut)

Lars Traut

Business Devt. Manager - CleanTech Solutions

Lars Traut has over 13 years of experience at Dräger in sales and product marketing for fixed gas detection systems as well as in product management for digital solutions. He is currently Business Development Manager CleanTech in Germany and brings his diverse experience to this role.

Battery Webinar Series - Speaker (Benedikt Meuksch)

Benedikt Müksch

Senior Expert Safety & Emergency Mgmt

Benedikt joined Dräger in 2015. Working as Senior Consultant for Safety & Emergency Management he is qualified as trainer for safety organization and safety culture. In his role, he supports industrial companies and public authorities to analyze their individual risk assessment and to set-up or rework their programs for emergency and hazard prevention, occupational safety and fire protection.

Battery Webinar Series - Speaker (Wolfgang Huber)

Wolfgang Huber

Marketing Manager - Region EMEA

Born in Germany and now based in Madrid, Spain, Wolfgang has worked at Dräger for over 30 years. Over half of that time was spent in South America where he worked as area sales manager and then Managing Director of the Safety business in Brazil. An expert in his field, for the past 12 years Wolfgang has been marketing manager in region EMEA specialising in light breathing equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) with a particular focus on Dräger channel partners.

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